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Cheeseburger Dip

Cheeseburger Dip is a hot, delicious baked dip that tastes like a cheeseburger. Serve this cheesy appetizer at parties and game day celebrations.

A baking dish with cheeseburger dip.

When all you can think about is sinking some chips into a cheesy dip, make this recipe! This is one of the best cheese dip recipes you’ll ever make. Classic American cheeseburgers inspire all the ingredients, so there are many ways to change it up. 

There are just three steps to this simple recipe! It’s the best last-minute party recipe you can make the night before and reheat in the slow cooker. Then, everyone will crowd around your dip, begging for seconds (or thirds). Keep reading for helpful tips, or skip to the recipe card to get right to cooking this tasty dip! 

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Why You’ll Love Cheeseburger Dip

  • The best party dip for people of all ages. 
  • Easy recipe to make for a crowd.
  • Easy to change and customize based on tastes or cravings. 
  • Tastes like a classic cheeseburger. 


The full printable recipe card with measurements and instructions is found at the bottom of the post.

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    The ingredients in this dip are easy to find at your local grocery store. You might already have them in your pantry! Here’s what I used to make cheeseburger dip. 

    • Ground Beef: For the best taste, use lean ground beef. 
    • Diced Onion: Any onion will taste delicious. 
    • Garlic Powder: You can use either garlic powder or fresh garlic.
    • Queso Dip: This makes it extra cheesy (and slightly spicy). 
    • Cheddar Cheese: Use pre-shredded cheese to save yourself time. 
    • Shredded Lettuce: This gives the dip a refreshing crunch.
    • Pickles: Use pickles that are as spicy or as zesty as you like. 
    • Tomatoes: Any tomatoes will work, but a can of diced tomatoes will save you prep time. 
    • Ketchup: Use your favorite ketchup to give the dip a tangy flavor. 
    • Mustard: This is optional but adds a depth of flavor to the dip. 
    • Tortilla Chips: Use your favorite chips as dippers (I’ll share my favorite types further below). 
    Ingredients to make cheeseburger dip.

    How to Make Cheeseburger Dip

    • Step One: Brown and crumble beef in a medium-sized skillet on medium or medium-high heat.  Drain excess grease.  Stir in queso and half of the cheddar cheese until combined.
    Steps to make cheeseburger dip.
    • Step Two: Transfer to a baking dish and top with remaining cheese.  Set oven or toaster oven to broil and cook until bubbly and cheese has melted (about 3-5 minutes).
    Steps to make cheeseburger dip.
    • Step Three: Remove from oven.  Top with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes. Squirt on ketchup and mustard.  Serve with tortilla chips.
    Steps to make cheeseburger dip.

    Equipment Needed

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    • Skillet – A medium skillet is perfect for this easy cheeseburger dip. 
    • Drainer – You need this to drain the grease from the cooked ground beef. 
    • Baking Dish – Use one large enough to hold the entire dip. 
    • Oven or Toaster Oven-  You need something to broil the dip. 
    • Wooden Spoon –  Use a sturdy spoon to mix the cheesy dip. 
    • Rubber Spatula – You’ll use a spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl to get all the delicious cheese dip out. 

    What to Serve with Cheeseburger Dip

    This delicious cheeseburger dip is the perfect thing to serve at a party. Here are some of my favorite finger foods that will taste good with the easy dip.    

    Variations and Substitutions

    • Use cream cheese instead of queso. If you do this, you’ll have to add some spices.  
    • Make bacon cheeseburger dip. Just add some crumbled bacon on top. 
    • Top the cheesy dip with sour cream.
    • Add your favorite burger toppings to the cheesy dip. 
    • Use your favorite types of cheese with the cheddar cheese. 
    A baking dish with cheeseburger dip surrounded by tortilla chips.

    Storage Instructions 

    This dip is best served immediately.  Store leftover dip covered in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.  Reheat in the microwave until it is hot.

    Cheeseburger Dip Tips and Tricks

    • Use a baking dish that is large enough to hold at least 3 cups (24 ounces).  This can also be made in a small iron skillet or oven-safe skillet if you want a one-pot dish.  
    •  Double the recipe; use a large skillet
    • If the ground beef burns, turn the heat down to medium heat. 

    Can I Make Ahead?

    Yes, you can make this dip ahead of time. Store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to three days. Then, reheat it right before you serve it. I prefer to reheat it in a slow cooker and mix it frequently, but you can also reheat it on the stove, in the oven, or the microwave. 

    A hand holding a tortilla chip with cheeseburger dip.

    Dipper Ideas 

    What are your favorite types of chips or food to use as a dipper? Try it with any of these ideas: 

    • Kettle-cooked potato chips 
    • Whole dill pickles 
    • Bagel chips
    • French fries
    • Fresh veggie sticks 
    • Pita Chips

    Tortilla chips are the perfect chips for this cheeseburger dip recipe. You can even make tortilla chips in the air fryer

    How To Make It Spicy

    If you want to make it spicier and light up your tastebuds, add a can of tomatoes with sliced green chiles and some sliced jalapeno peppers. Or, add a few splashes of hot sauce for a bigger kick! 

    Can I Use Sausage Instead Of Ground Beef?

    Try it with sausage instead of ground beef. The spicy sausage will amp up the flavor in a big way. It will also taste good with ground chicken, turkey, or pork. 

    Cheeseburger dip in a baking dish.

    How To Fix Dip That Is Too Thick

    If the dip is too thick, add a splash of milk. This will thin it down without distracting you from the incredible cheese flavors. 

    How Can I Keep My Cheeseburger Dip From Becoming Too Greasy?

    The grease in the dip comes from the ground beef. Before you add the ground beef, drain off all the grease. You can also remove grease by blotting the ground beef with paper towels. 

    Can I Make It In A CrockPot?

    Yes, you can make this delicious dip in your slow cooker. Set the Crock Pot to low and stir it frequently so the dip doesn’t burn on the bottom or stick to the sides. 

    A hand holding a tortilla chip with cheeseburger dip.


    How many slices of bacon should I add?

    If you want to make this a bacon cheeseburger dip, I suggest crumbling up at least six slices of regular bacon. 

    Can I add Worcestershire Sauce?

    Yes, you can. It will add saltiness to the dip, so you might want to cut back on the pickles you add. 

    How many servings does this make? 

    This recipe makes four servings. 

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    5 from 1 vote

    Cheeseburger Dip

    Created by Stacie Vaughan
    Servings 4
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 15 minutes
    Total Time 20 minutes
    This hot and delicious baked dip tastes just like a cheeseburger. Serve this cheesy appetizer at parties and game day celebrations.


    • 1 lb ground beef
    • ¼ cup onion diced
    • ½ tsp garlic powder
    • 1 cup queso dip
    • ½ cup cheddar cheese shredded, divided
    • ½ cup iceberg lettuce shredded
    • ¼ cup dill pickles diced
    • 3 tbsp tomatoes diced
    • 1 tbsp ketchup
    • 1 tbsp yellow mustard
    • Tortilla chips for serving


    • Brown and crumble the ground beef in a medium skillet over medium heat. Drain excess grease.
    • Stir in queso and half of the cheddar cheese until combined.
    • Transfer to a 9×13 baking dish and top with remaining cheese. Set over to broil and cook until bubbly and cheese has melted, about 3 to 5 minutes.
    • Remove from oven. Top with lettuce, pickles and tomatoes. Drizzle on ketchup and mustard. Serve hot with tortilla chips.


    Calories: 529kcal | Carbohydrates: 10g | Protein: 31g | Fat: 40g | Saturated Fat: 19g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 11g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 139mg | Sodium: 1303mg | Potassium: 578mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 6g | Vitamin A: 736IU | Vitamin C: 3mg | Calcium: 352mg | Iron: 3mg

    The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

    Course Appetizer
    Cuisine American
    Keyword baked dip

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