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Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

Enjoy a Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich right in your kitchen with this easy, tasty, and homemade version that rivals the original. Complete with a rich cheese sauce and tangy homemade Arby’s sauce, this copycat recipe brings all the flavors you love without leaving your home.

A copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich on a plate.

Craving an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar Sandwich but don’t want to leave the house? You’re in luck. This Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich provides all the flavors you crave without visiting the fast food joint. Even better, you have full control over the ingredients, ensuring a fresh and delectable meal that fast-food chains can’t beat. 

This copycat recipe combines classic roast beef with the tangy flavor of Arby’s sauce. The creamy cheddar cheese sauce is the perfect addition to the sandwich,  making it an indulgent and classic choice. This Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich will surely please everyone who eats it—the perfect weeknight dinner without all the fuss. 

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Why You’ll Love This Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

  • Authentic Flavor at Home: This copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich recipe allows you to recreate the beloved fast-food favorite with homemade ingredients. You can enjoy the authentic Arby’s flavor without visiting a restaurant.
  • Control Over Ingredients: By making this sandwich at home, you have full control over the quality of ingredients. You can choose premium deli roast beef and fresh buns. You can even adjust the seasonings to suit your taste preferences. This ensures a higher quality and potentially healthier meal.
  • Easy to Make: This recipe is super easy to make and doesn’t require much work. It’s a quick and easy meal to prepare, perfect for busy weeknights or when you’re craving a delicious sandwich.
  • Homemade Sauces: The homemade Arby’s Sauce and Cheddar Sauce add flavor and creaminess to the sandwich. These sauces elevate the overall taste and make the meal feel even more special.
  • Customizable: You can customize this sandwich by adjusting the sauce cheese or adding your favorite toppings. Whether you prefer it extra saucy or loaded with veggies, you can experiment and get creative.
  • Crowd-pleaser: It will impress when you serve this homemade Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich to friends and family. It’s an excellent option for casual gatherings, game days, or even a quick lunch for guests. Everyone is sure to enjoy this fantastic copycat recipe. 


The full printable recipe card with measurements and instructions is found at the bottom of the post.

  • Ketchup 
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • Granulated sugar
  • Mayonnaise
  • Water
  • Butter
  • Flour 
  • Milk 
  • Grated sharp cheddar cheese
  • Thinly sliced deli roast beef
  • Beef broth 
  • Onion rolls 
Ingredients to make copycat Arby's roast beef sandwiches.

How to Make This Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

  • Step One: To prepare the Arby’s sauce, combine all the sauce ingredients in a small bowl and set the mixture aside. If the sauce appears too thick, thin it by adding a tablespoon or two of water.
Steps to make a copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich.
  • Step Two: Start by heating a small saucepan over medium heat for the cheese sauce. Melt the butter and flour together, and cook for about a minute. Gradually pour in the milk while continuously whisking. Incorporate the cheddar cheese into the sauce until it’s fully melted and smooth. Season with salt as needed. Once done, remove it from the heat and set it aside.
Steps to make a copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich.
  • Step Three: Bring the beef broth to a simmer in a large, deep skillet. Then, place the slices of roast beef into the simmering broth to warm them for approximately 2 minutes. Afterward, remove the skillet from the heat.
Steps to make a copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich.
  • Step Four: To put together these sandwiches, begin by coating the underside of the onion buns with the homemade Arby’s sauce. Then, evenly layer the warm roast beef on each bun. Crown the roast beef with the cheese sauce, and finalize the sandwich by adding the top bun. Serve promptly, and for an unparalleled experience, consider serving them with curly fries if that’s your preference.
Steps to make a copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich.

Equipment Needed

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    What to Serve with Your Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

    Serve your favorite sides with this delicious recipe to make it a complete meal. 

    A copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich on a plate with curly fries.

    Variations and Substitutions

    • Spicy Arby’s Sauce: If you like a little heat, add a pinch of cayenne pepper or a few dashes of hot sauce to the Arby’s sauce for a spicy kick. This will elevate the flavor of your Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich and give you that punch of flavor you are looking for. 
    • Add Vegetables: Add fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomato slices, and red onion to your sandwich for extra crunch and freshness. You can even include pickles or banana peppers for a tangy twist. 
    • Bacon Bliss: For a decadent twist, add crispy bacon strips to your sandwich. Bacon pairs wonderfully with roast beef and cheese.
    • Different Cheese: While cheddar cheese is the classic choice, you can experiment with other varieties like Swiss cheese, provolone, or pepper jack for unique flavor combinations.
    • Sautéed Onions and Mushrooms: Sautéed onions and mushrooms can add a savory, umami-rich element to your sandwich. Simply cook them until soft and golden brown, then layer them with the roast beef.
    • Custom Sauces: Get creative with your sauces. Try horseradish sauce, Dijon mustard, or a creamy horseradish aioli for different flavor profiles. Adding different sauces to your sandwich can make the flavor more exciting. 
    • Different Bread Choices: While an onion roll is a classic choice, you can use various bread options to make this sandwich. This is a great roast beef sandwich, whether you opt for a toasted sesame seed bun, a hamburger bun, a sub roll, or even a pretzel bun. 

     Storage Instructions

    This classic roast beef sandwich is best enjoyed when they are served right away. However, you can make the Arby’s Sauce and the cheese sauce beforehand. Store them both in the refrigerator in an airtight container. They will keep well for about three days. 

    A copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich on a plate.

    Can I Freeze?

    It is not recommended to freeze these sandwiches. They are much better when enjoyed right away. 

    Recipe Tips and Tricks

    • Use High-Quality Ingredients: Start with the best-quality deli roast beef, fresh rolls, and real cheese for the most delicious results. The higher the quality of ingredients you use, the better the flavor profile will be. 
    • Slice the Roast Beef Thinly: If you have a deli slicer, thinly slice the roast beef. If not, ask your local deli to slice it for you. You can usually get thin sliced roast beef at your local deli counter. Thin slices are key to achieving the signature Arby’s texture. If the slices are too thick, you won’t get the result you are looking for. 
    • Adjust Sauce Consistency: Add water gradually to reach your desired thickness when making the Arby’s sauce. It should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon but not too thick that it’s difficult to spread. If you find that it is too thick, you can easily add a little bit of water to thin it out. 
    • Watch the Cheese Sauce: When making the cheese sauce, be cautious not to overheat it. High heat can cause the cheese to become grainy. Cook it gently over medium heat while stirring continuously until it’s smooth. The texture of the cheese sauce is a key component of this amazing copycat Arby’s Sandwich. 
    • Toast the Buns: If you prefer a slightly toasted bun, lightly toast the onion rolls in a toaster or griddle before assembling the sandwich. This adds a pleasant crunch to the sandwich. 
    • Serve Immediately: The sandwich is best when served immediately after assembly. This ensures the bread remains soft and the cheese sauce is gooey and delicious.
    • Double or Triple the Recipe: If you’re serving a crowd or want leftovers, you can easily double or triple the recipe to accommodate more sandwiches. This recipe is easy to make, so doubling or even tripling it is super easy.
    A copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich  on a plate.

    How to Reheat the Cheddar Sauce

    If you decide to make the cheddar sauce ahead of time, you can easily reheat it. Add the sauce and a splash of milk to a saucepan over extremely low heat. Make sure to stir it frequently until it becomes warmed through. 

    Copycat Recipes

    A copycat Arby's roast beef sandwich cut in half on a plate.


    How long does this recipe take to make? 

    With only 5 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes of cooking time, this recipe takes hardly any time to put together. In 15 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious sandwich without all that effort. 

    How many sandwiches does this recipe make? 

    This recipe makes four sandwiches but can easily be doubled or tripled. Making extra doesn’t have to cause a fuss if you need more than four sandwiches. 

    Sandwich Recipes

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    5 from 1 vote

    Copycat Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

    Created by Stacie Vaughan
    Servings 4 sandwiches
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 10 minutes
    Total Time 15 minutes
    Make this famous copycat sandwich at home. It's so tasty with roasted beef smothered in cheese sauce and Arby's sauce piled on an onion bun. Everyone loves this easy homemade version!


    Copycat Arby's Sauce

    • cup ketchup
    • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    • 2 tsp mayonnaise
    • ½ tsp garlic powder
    • ½ tsp onion powder
    • ½ tsp paprika
    • ¼ tsp salt

    Cheddar Sauce

    • 1 tbsp unsalted butter
    • 1 tbsp all-purpose flour
    • ¾ cup milk
    • ¾ cup sharp cheddar cheese shredded
    • ¼ tsp salt

    Roast Beef

    • 1 lb thinly sliced deli roast beef
    • 1 cup beef broth
    • 4 onion buns


    Copycat Arby's Sauce

    • Whisk together the sauce ingredients in a small bowl. If you find the sauce too thick, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water to thin it out. Set aside.

    Cheddar Sauce

    • Add butter to a small saucepan over medium heat. Once the butter is melted, add the all-purpose flour, stirring constantly, for 1 minute.
    • Whisk the milk slowly into the mixture.
    • Add the cheddar cheese and salt and stir until melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and set aside.

    Roast Beef

    • Add the beef broth to a large skillet over medium low. Heat until it starts to simmer.
    • Separate the slices of roast beef and add to the skillet.
    • Heat for 2 minutes and then remove from the heat.


    • Spread the Arby's sauce on the bottom of the onion buns. Add roast beef to each bun. Then add cheese sauce on top. Top with top half of the onion bun. Serve immediately.


    Calories: 462kcal | Carbohydrates: 37g | Protein: 37g | Fat: 19g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Trans Fat: 0.1g | Cholesterol: 100mg | Sodium: 2963mg | Potassium: 613mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 14g | Vitamin A: 600IU | Vitamin C: 54mg | Calcium: 597mg | Iron: 4mg

    The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

    Course Sandwich
    Cuisine American
    Keyword copycat recipes

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