Easter Desserts

Easter desserts are such a fun way to dress up your table. Bright colorful desserts that scream Easter fun. 

I’ve been bookmarking Easter desserts to try! I’ve got a bunch pinned on my Easter board on Pinterest. There’s so many to choose from so I need to narrow it down since a person can only bake (and eat) so much.

Easter Desserts - It's time for Easter so why not celebrate the occasion with some scrumptious and sweet Easter desserts.

Easter Desserts

Whether you are looking for a creamy cookie dip, stunning Easter cake, or a classic cupcake recipe, I got you covered. 

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    I wanted to create a list of top recipes that will win over anyone who takes one single bite of these rich and decadent treats. 

    These desserts are almost too cute to eat, but I can never turn down a dessert. The perfect way to end your Easter feast. 

    If you want even more Easter inspiration, check out my side dishes, salads, and more. I have tons of recipes to compliment your main feast that will be satisfying. 

    Making Desserts in Advance 

    One thing to always remember is that most desserts can be made in advance. Make sure to of course reference the recipe, but in general most recipes you can do in advance. 

    Whether it is making cookies in advance, doing a no-bake dessert, or even a cake or cupcakes. That way the day of Easter you can focus more on the main course and sides. 

    Just store your desserts properly and then get ready to serve. 

    What are Classic Easter Desserts to Serve 

    • Cookies
    • Bird’s Nest Cupcakes 
    • Stunning Easter Cake 
    • Bunny shaped cupcakes or even cake 
    • Cheesecakes 
    • Carrot Cakes 

    There are so many classic recipes you could make. I wanted to give you a nice mix of variety. I hope within this list you can find tons of recipes that might be the perfect fit. 

    Check out all these desserts below and let me know what your favorite one is! 

    Easter Desserts

    It's time for Easter so why not celebrate the occasion with some scrumptious and sweet Easter desserts.

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    1. Joni Mason says:

      I’m off to Pin all these recipes! I especially want to try the Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests.
      Thanks for sharing!

    2. thanks for all the wonderful Easter recipes! the golden pastel candy bark looks so good!
      Have the happiest of birthdays on Sunday! And many more!

    3. oh my, these all look fantastic but I like the jelly bean bark the best, I love both ingredients so together they should be awesome! Thanks for the great ideas. And Happy Birthday in a couple days!

    4. travelbuds says:

      Oh my all those ideas sound so delicious. I will definitely try the jelly bean bark. It just looks so pretty as well. I will go have a look on your pinterest site to check it out.

    5. natalie nichols says:

      OMG These look so tasty! I am going to an easter potluck this weekend. I just may make something from these.

    6. all adorable, my favourite is lambikins will pass it on

    7. Katrina A says:

      The lamb cake is too funny!! But
      I would go with the Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests.

    8. I love the looks of these treats!! They are all so festive 🙂 Might try making a couple of them instead of buying Easter treats this year

    9. It all looks so festive and yummy for Easter. I may have to make the Jelly Bean Bark myself.

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