13 Beauty Subscription Boxes Under $20 a Month

Beauty subscription boxes make an excellent Christmas gift and they don’t have to cost a lot! In fact, you can find a few $10 and under a month and even more $20 and under. I’ve rounded up my top picks for beauty subscription boxes under $20 a month. Buy one as a treat for yourself or give to someone special as a gift!
13 Beauty Subscription Boxes Under $20 a Month - Buy one for yourself or give away as a gift for someone special in your life!

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1. Lip Monthly. 2-3 full sized products and 2-3 sample products.

2. Beauty Box Five. Five beauty samples.

3. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. 4 to 7 luxury beauty products. Use the coupon code simplystacie to save $5.

4. LIPP. 3 individually packaged sample pods of our LIPPstick colors, hand selected by beauty experts to match your unique hair, eye and skin color.

5. NailDramaA specially curated box of 5-6 themed nail art supplies arrive each month to spark your creativity. (USA only).

6. NailDash Kit. 1-2 Nail polishes, and 3-5 other nail related items such as accessories, tools, and nail care products!

7. Beauty Joy. Receive one hand-curated Jewelry Item, one Full Size Beauty Item, and 2-3 Deluxe samples every month.

8. Beauteque Monthly. 9-11 masks each month.

9. Benevolent Beauty Box. 100% cruelty free beauty products.

10. EVE LASHES & Co. False eyelashes delivered monthly.

11. Monthly Bath Box. Fun things to use in the bath. (USA only).

12. Best Face Forward Masks. 5 face masks plus a special bonus mask.

13. Beautifly Pure LLC. 4-5 full size and/or sample size freshly handcrafted bath and beauty products. (USA only).

Which beauty box is your favourite?

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