9 Coffee Subscription Boxes for Canadians

Let’s chat about subscription boxes, shall we? A couple weeks ago, I shared a list of beauty subscription boxes that ship to Canada. In my research, I discovered a bunch of coffee subscriptions too. I kept note of them since I’m a crazy coffee lover and cannot live without my daily cups! I had no idea there were so many Canadian companies out there doing this! The beauty subscriptions were mostly American who also shipped to Canada. These coffee subscription boxes are mostly Canadian. Many have free shipping and prices in Canadian dollars. Some are exclusive to Canada as well.

12 Coffee Subscription Boxes for Canadians

As you can see prices and plans vary. If you’re in the market for a coffee subscription for yourself, take a look at all the variables including cost, shipping methods, products, frequency, etc. I love fresh coffee beans and am trying to decide which one I want. Who knows maybe I’ll end up getting a couple. I never want to run out of coffee. The selection at our local stores is pitiful. I need me some good coffee, people!

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Coffee Subscription Boxes

1. Bean Box ($20 USD/month, $9.50 shipping): Freshly roasted Seattle coffee. 

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    2. Coast to Coast Coffee ($17.95 CAD/month, free shipping): Organic, fair trade and freshly roasted coffee.

    3. Craft Coffee ($24.99 USD/month, $7.99 shipping): Quality coffee from three different roasters every month.

    4. Twisted Goat Coffee ($47.98 – $71.99 CAD, free shipping over $50): Freshly roasted and delivered straight to your door! Choose from 3 brew boxes to meet your coffee needs or individual bags sized in 1 to 5 lbs. You decide the delivery frequency. Use coupon code STACIE10 for 10% on any coffees or brew boxes.

    5. Parachute Coffee ($25 CAD/month, free shipping): 12 oz. of locally roasted whole bean coffee, tasting notes and tips.

    6. The Roasters Pack ($29.95 CAD/month, free shipping): Three 4oz. pouches of coffee beans either ground or whole bean, tasting notes, etc.

    7. Transcend ($23 to $42 CAD/month, free shipping for orders over $48)

    8. Detour Coffee ($36.50 to $38.50 CAD/per delivery, free shipping): Get two 300g bags of Detour coffee delivered and you decide the frequency (1 to 4 weeks).

    9. Phil & Sebastian ($29.05 CDN, including shipping): Freshly roasted by the Bow River in Calgary, AB. Ethically sourced and shipped weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Use the code SAVE50 to save 50% on your first order.

    ***new*** Volcanica Coffee Company has a wide range of delicious coffees sourced from all over the world! Get 10% off your order with the coupon code STACIE10 valid until September 30, 2021.

    Have you ever purchased a coffee subscription for yourself or someone else? 

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    1. Michael McStravick says:

      Hello Im Mike. Im very interested in starting my own coffee and tea dropshipping company. Im looking for a company similar to Dripshipper here in Canada. They store, package and would put my logo on said package then ship. Do you know of any companies here in Canada that do that? I can only find U.S. based ones.

    2. Hi Stacie,

      I may be biased because I work there, but, have you heard of Go Cup Yourself Coffee? We roast out of Dark City Coffee Company in Scarborough, Ontario. Go Cup Yourself has an interactive Home Cupping Game on the website that lets you have some fun with your coffee subscription. If you have some time check it out at GoCupYourselfCoffee.com

    3. You’ll have to update this article. Bean Box only ships to US addresses now. I just tried to purchase a sampler gift set for someone and couldn’t, ’cause well, Canada. On the bright side, I can suggest another Canadian addition to your list to keep it at nine. Checkout Sparkplug Coffee.

      1. LOL! I always need more coffee. There was originally 12 back in 2015, but some went out of business so I deleted the links. I need to update it with a new photo and title.

    4. any k-cup coffee subscriptions in canada?

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