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Free 2016 Household Planner Printables

I’ve got another mega set of free printables to share with you today! If you are the organizing type, you’ll be in your element!

I’m calling this set a 2016 Household Planner. It has a variety of sheets to record important information to keep your home running smoothly. My suggestion is to only print out the sheets you think you’ll need.
Free 2016 Household Planner Printables - Make 2016 the year you get organized with this set of free Household Planner printables!

This set is designed to help you with cleaning, medical information and recording important phone numbers so you always have them handy. Get yourself a binder and three hole punch and keep your household binder in your kitchen or home office. You’ll want it somewhere you can easily access it because if you are like me, you’ll be referring to it often!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Password Tracker
  • Chore Chart
  • Declutter List
  • Cleaning Planner
  • Family Medical Tracker
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Important Contacts
  • Company Information
  • Medication Tracker
  • Babysitter Information
  • School Information
  • Notes

I’m rolling out a bunch of free printables over the coming weeks. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss them! Let’s get organized for 2016 together!

Staying organized is something I work really hard at. It’s not hard to do once you get the initial set up done. Trust me, it’s totally worth the little bit of effort! My friends laugh at me with how crazy I am with my little organizing projects, but I think they are just jealous 😉 It’s all in good fun!

Print out these planning worksheets, fill them out and get ready for an awesome 2016. Make this the year that you organize your home and life!

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