Pet Subscription Boxes for Canadians

I follow the dogs, Harlow, Indiana and Reese on Facebook, and every month I see them share the latest goodies from Barkbox. I was curious to see which pet subscription boxes were available for Canadians. Yes, Barkbox is one of them that ships here. I also found a few Canadian-owned pet subscription boxes too. I think it would be fun for pets to get a monthly surprise shipment of toys and treats. My older cats love treats and my new kitten is still very playful and would enjoy the toys.

Pet Subscription Boxes for Canadians

Pet subscription boxes for Canadians weren’t as easy to find as say beauty subscription boxes or coffee subscription boxes. These companies ship to Canada, with a few being located in Canada as well. All are geared for cats and dogs with BFF Fun Packs also having boxes for birds and smaller pets. I’m mostly interested in the ones for cats!

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1. BarkBox ($29 USD/month, $5 shipping). Monthly goodies for your dog.

2. Bowzer Box ($29 CAD/month, $4.50 shipping). Variety of  handpicked items including full size toys and treats (wheat free), samples, and coupons.

3. KitNipBox. ($19 to 29 USD/month, $6.95 shipping). Monthly goodies for your cat including high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products.

4. meowbox ($32.95 USD/month, free shipping). Monthly box of cat toys and treats. Use code SIMPLYSTACIE10, you receive 10% off your first order.

5. BFF Fun Packs ($25 USD/month and up, shipping charges extra). Top quality, premium pet foods, treats, supplements, pet essentials, toys for a variety of pets (dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets).

Would you ever buy a subscription box for your pet?

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