Subscription Boxes for Cats and Dogs

Do you get excited when the mail arrives? As long as it’s not bills, I’m excited to see what’s in there. My fur family also likes to receive packages. Every month, they get a surprise shipment tailored just for them. Even the cats get excited which is saying a lot!

Subscription Boxes for Cats and Dogs - Pets like to get deliveries too! Check out these two subscription boxes for cats and dogs: Meowbox and Barkbox.

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BarkBox Subscription for Dogs

For my dog relatives, Charlie, the French Bull Dog and Maude, the Boston Terrier, they receive their monthly BarkBox delivery. They have started to recognize the box and get really excited, especially Charlie. He wants to tear right in there and grab a toy.

Every month, BarkBox delivers 4 to 6 natural treats and fun toys curated around a surprise theme every month. All the contents are handpicked with care and tailored to your dog’s needs like allergies.

Want to see what was inside our February BarkBox? Check out my video!

Visit BarkBox to purchase a monthly subscription for your dog, too!

meowbox Subscription for Cats

For the kitties in your life, you need meowbox, a monthly goodie box for cats, full of fun toys and yummy treats, delivered to you. When you buy a meowbox, they give a can of food to a shelter cat.

Princess, Reggie and Misty LOVE its arrival. They immediately grab the toys and start rolling around on the floor. I guess they are trying to claim them with their scent? Anyways, it’s a lot of furry fun and is cute to watch.

Check out what was in our February meowbox. Note: I opted for toys only in my meowbox. You can also get ones with treats and toys.

I love the care they put into the packaging and personalize each box! Use code SIMPLYSTACIE10, you receive 10% off your first order.

I have another pet subscription post to check out if you like. It’s for my Canadian friends: Pet Subscription Boxes for Canadians. You can also check out my pet section for more tips and info!

Do you subscribe to BarkBox or Meowbox?

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