12 Easy Easter Desserts

Over the past month, I’ve shared a bunch of easy Easter desserts and I wanted to round them up for easy access. A few of them are no-bake treats as well as some more traditional desserts that require some baking. With Easter coming up this weekend, these sweets won’t take you long to make for your family and friends. Also, if your kids want to help you in the kitchen, they can easily assist with the preparation. 


12 Easy Easter Desserts

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1. Easter M&M’s Brownies: Your basic brownie box mix + Easter M&M’s. Easy!

Easter Desserts

2. Easter Puppy Chow

Easy Easter Desserts

3. Easter Peanut Butter Cookies

Easter peanut butter cookies1

4. Easter Marshmallow Pops

easter marshmallow2

5. Chocolate Dipped Chick Peeps

chocolate peeps1

6. Pink Chocolate Grahams

pink grahams4

7. Purple Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies

purple cookeis

8. Purple Oreo Truffles

purple oreo truffles1

9. Mini Easter Cheesecakes


10. Chewy Chocolate Fudge Pie


11. Coconut Macaroon Nutella Cookie Nests


12. White Chocolate Truffles

white chocolate truffles3

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