Beverage Recipes

Beverage Recipes

May 6th is National Beverage Day! Who knew? It’s a day to celebrate all the delicious drink recipes. Celebrate the day by enjoying your favourite drink or try a new beverage recipe.

I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to drinks and have fairly simple tastes. I drink water (of course) and a ton of coffee every day. My alcoholic beverage of choice is a Caesar. I don’t drink alcohol that often, but when I do that is pretty much the only drink I can handle. It’s vodka and Clamato juice and it’s sooo yummy! 

Since the word beverage covers just about anything drinkable, I’ve included a few of my personal favourites from my fellow bloggers and a couple from my own recipe section. They range from hot to cold, sweet to savoury, alcohol to mocktails…Enjoy!

Mexican Coffee from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Beverage Recipes

Nutella Blended Coffee Drink from Around My Family Table

Beverage Recipes

Irish Coffee from Roasted Beanz (contains alcohol)

Beverage Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Beverage Recipes

Almond Butter & Jelly Smoothie from This Flourishing Life

Beverage Recipes

Green Smoothie from Happy Mothering

Beverage Recipes

Mojito Mocktail from Sober Julie

Beverage Recipes

Red Raspberry Tea Mojito Mocktails from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug

Beverages Recipes

Pretty in Pink Punch

Beverage Recipes

Kool Aid Slurpees from Echoes of Laughter

Beverage Recipes

Sparking Grape Lemonade

Beverage Recipes

Agua de Jamaica from Mama Latina Tips

Beverage Recipes

Grape, Pear and Honey Natural Soda from Turning the Clock Back

Beverage Recipes

Caramel Apple Cider from Crunchy Frugalista

Beverage Recipes

Frozen Hot Chocolate from This Mama Loves

Beverage Recipes

Decadent Hot Chocolate from The WiC Project

Beverage Recipes

Mike and Ike Flavored Vodka from Horrible Housewife

Beverage Recipes



  1. Kenny B. says

    Most of them look great to me. Particularly the Mojito Cocktail and the Mexican Coffee. The Irish Coffee sounds tempting and the Green Smoothie looks so wonderfully green! :)

  2. Anne Taylor says

    I think I would like every single one of those drinks! lol I should make it a point to try them all for National Beverage Day! Thanks there are some really unique and original ideas here!

  3. Sherry Compton says

    This is going to be a very fun and colorful day! It’s a day for all ages…kids will love the frozen, fruity, colorful drinks; adults can go with alcoholic, coffee, or anything in between. My daughter typically gets us celebrating what day it is. I’m sure May 6th will be filled with all kinds of drinkable goodies.

  4. Ari says

    Wow, so many fabulous drinks. I have to try that Nutella blended coffee first and far most. The berry and green smoothies look healthy and delicious! I’m really curious about the Agua de Jamaica from Mama Latina Tips! The Caramel Apple Cider looks sooo good, omg, I would drink that year round. Thanks to all the ladies for these recipes!

  5. Angela L. says

    I have a major weakness for drinks of all kinds. I’d really like to get into popsicle making too, which seems to be a natural off shoot of my interest. Thanks for sharing all the yummy recipes!!

  6. md kennedy says

    Great listing of drinks, bt you missed one VERY important one (as far as I am concerned, because I am addicted): plain old green tea. And not the stuff that comes in bags from the grocery store, but tea made from real organic green tea leaves!

  7. ANN*H says

    Wow lots of different drinks for all . These would be great for making for parties or cookouts for everyone. thank so much for the recipes and all the great pictures of them too. I picked a few of them out already that I am going to try.

  8. Soozle says

    Oooooh! Every single one of those looks awesome!

    The Mexican coffee has me the most intrigued though.. Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. Dreena says

    I did not know it was National Beverage Day on May 6th! Lots of nice looking bevvies in your post. I would make a “special” coffee drink – those look very tasty.


  10. Laura P says

    Oh my goodness these all look so yummy, but I’m definitely going to bookmark the Mexican Chocolate and the Mojito Mocktail recipes! They look divine!

  11. says

    Wow! Tht’s a lot of different drinks that look amazingly good.I like the Irish coffee and the frozen hot chocolate for sure.I will be checking back here and trying more of them.

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