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15 Perfect One-Pot Pasta Recipes

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When the cold weather hits, I find myself craving hearty meals like casseroles, stews and soups. Maybe I’m trying to keep my body warm or am trying to make myself feel better now that I know the snow is here for good. Either way, I’m making more comfort foods these days and my family isn’t complaining! One of my favourite types of comfort food is pasta and since I’m all about easy recipes, I like to make one-pot pasta dishes. It means less mess for me to clean later and my kitchen doesn’t look like a cyclone came through.

The best kind of pasta recipes are ones where the pasta cooks right in the dish. No boiling required! You also save on having to use a colander to strain the water which is great. My colander is so big it won’t fit in the dishwasher and I need to wash it by hand in the sink. See what I mean about less dishes?

15 Perfect One-Pot Pasta Recipes

  1. Lemon and Herb Chicken Fettucine
  2. Spicy Sausage & Pepper Pasta
  3. Sausage & Cheese Cappelletti
  4. Unstuffed Pepper Pasta
  5. Chili Rigatoni
  6. Cheeseburger Macaroni
  7. Cheezy Lazy Lasagna
  8. Creamy Caprese Pasta
  9. Chicken & Mushroom Pasta
  10. Chicken Baked Ziti
  11. Tortellini & Sausage
  12. Chicken Parmesan Pasta Skillet
  13. Hamburger Helper Lasagna
  14. Cheesy Taco Pasta
  15. Cajun Chicken Alfredo

This collection of one-pot pasta recipes will satisfy my longing for comfort food and are also all recipes that my family will eat. Now to decide which one to make first! Which recipe in the collection is your favourite?

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