My Kitchen After Renovations

It feels SO GOOD to have my kitchen back. We survived though. It wasn’t easy, but I think that, in the end, it was worth the inconvenience and mess. Before you continue reading, make sure to check out the Before photos and the Process photos to get the full picture of the transformation. We started the renovations at the end of the May and it’s now almost the end of June and everything is done!

Meet my new kitchen! We hired The Home Depot to do everything from demo to painting to cabinets. They subcontracted out to Gorr Flooring who were fabulous to work with.
My Kitchen After Renovations

We ended up getting all new appliances except the fridge. I was going to keep my dishwasher, but when they took it out, they told me that it was done. Thankfully, it was the only unexpected extra expense. I knew that things could come up in a renovation so I’m grateful that was it! Plus, now everything matches so it was a good thing.

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    My Kitchen After Renovations

    The cabinets are from Thomasville Cabinetry (bought at The Home Depot). I’ve always wanted a white kitchen. I think it will brighten the place up. I found it too dark and dull before.

    My Kitchen After Renovations

    The appliances ended up being all GE. I asked a friend who used to sell appliances and she recommended that brand. I bought the extended warranty on all of them (except the microwave) just to be on the safe side. They say that appliances aren’t built like they used to be. I’m just glad to have a cooktop that finally works. My old cooktop would work off and on again which was very frustrating.

    My Kitchen After Renovations

    We got an undermount Blanco sink in black. I was thinking about getting a farm sink at first, but John vetoed the idea. He didn’t like that they stuck out of the cabinets. The faucet is American Standard’s Huntley Pull-Down faucet. I’ll be writing a post all about it soon so stay tuned.

    My Kitchen After Renovations

    They also added to porcelain tile to my kitchen, dining room, two entrances and hall. I had hideous flooring before that the contractor botched installing. All I can say is good riddance!

    The countertop is quartz from Granit Design (through The Home Depot). It was pricey, but worth it.

    My Kitchen After Renovations

    The only thing left that I still want to get are bar stools and a small kitchen table. Our old table doesn’t really match.

    My Kitchen After Renovations

    I can’t wait to get back to making my recipes. I missed doing them! A person can only eat so much takeout. On the plus side, I feel much more confident using the BBQ! I grilled almost every day.

    Have you ever gone through a kitchen renovation?

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    1. Your kitchen looks so modern and functional. Such a lovely job.

    2. Sab Edwards says:

      hola , only a month, thats amazing!! You’re lucky you were able to eat take out or bbq, we don’t live in the city so it would have had to be cold take out every day for us (or starve on weekends or the days the husband takes the bike into the city)
      YOu’ve got a beautiful huge kitchen!!

    3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

      Wow, what a difference and I agree white brightens it all up. I live in a basement and my cupboards are white too for that very same reason. A lovely big kitchen with lots of storage room, marvellous. 🙂

    4. Your new kitchen looks great. So fresh and lots of storage.

    5. We did a gut renovation on our kitchen about 12 years ago. Everything was torn out. Walls, ceiling and floors. We found the original ktchen under the wall board the previous owner had slapped up when they “redid” the kitchen it was a terrible job. They even covered up the wall outlets.

      We also went with white and are now tired of it. I put in 5g’s worth of new wiring though. Each appliance and exhaust fan have their own circuit breaker. Each pair of outlets the same. You were right to get the insurance plan. My wife has a habit of blowing up the stove/oven every year while cleaning for Passover. Usually it is the oven igniter that is replaced but we’ve also had 3 control computers get blown or melted. The fridge is on its third 4yr contract also.

      I’m curious as to why you have an electric stove? I’ve tried them and prefer gas. I find there’s more control of the flame this way especially when I’m simmering a soup or making something that really needs total control during the cooking process. Enjoy the kitchen I hope you have many many years of “happy cooking” in it.

      Oh, my kitchen is 7’x9.5′ and in total cost $25,000.00 to renovate. Than you FIL for that birthday gift.

    6. Judy Cowan says:

      Love it! Looks like you have a ton of storage space! I am sure you are enjoying it!

    7. Oh Stacie, it came out sooo nice, magazine worthy! I love all your choices. I wish I do a kitchen reno. Glad you could spiff up on BBQ’ing while your kitchen was out of commission!

    8. Beautiful! I loved seeing the ‘after’ pictures of your reno. Looks like a wonderful place to cook. I’ve never done that type of renovation before.

    9. Absolutely in love! I’d love to have a nice, clean and bright kitchen like this. The quartz countertop is to die for!

    10. Looks great! I haven’t personally been through a kitchen remodel, but many of my friends have and it looks like a long and arduous task!

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