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Smart Top of the Fridge Storage Ideas

If you don’t organize it, the top of the fridge can become a storage black hole: things go up there but never seem to come back down! You need these smart top of the fridge storage ideas.

Smart Top of the Fridge Storage Ideas - If you don’t organize it, the top of the fridge can become a storage black hole: things go up there but never seem to come back down!

Top of the Fridge Storage Ideas

It is, however, a useful space if properly managed, so here’s what you can do with yours:

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If you have a built in shelf, or can add a shelf or two, above your fridge

A shelf or contained cube above your fridge makes a great spot to put things you need but don’t use daily. Example? Your family cookbook collection. They’re out of the way but look elegant stored up there, adding a touch of chic to the kitchen.

Other ideas?

  • Your collection of antique jam jars?
  • Your turkey platter that only gets used twice a year?
  • Anything in the style of ‘hard liquor’ that you want to keep away from small hands.
  • Your supersized stock pot that you only use for batch cooking sauces and the occasional lobster boil would fit in nicely up there!
  • Get a basket and store all your leftover party items: paper plates, napkins, birthday candles, so they’re handy when next you’re hosting a little event.

If you have a closed cabinet above your fridge

Closed cabinets above the fridge tend to become a dumping ground for unused small appliances received for your wedding or other events, but it’s a wasted space if you don’t keep it organized, as you would your other cabinets.

It’s a good spot for an emergency kit with flashlight, candles, matches, etc… for when the power goes out! You’ll always know it’s there. It’s also an ideal location for appliance manuals that you want to keep!

And if you have a gap between the top of the fridge and the closed cabinet, put in a set of jars, all the same size, with different dry goods in them, or a set of identical baskets. It looks neat and tidy and adds a little texture, colour and verve to the otherwise unused spot.

If you install vertical slots in your closed cabinet, it’s a great place to hold cookie trays and racks, extra cutting boards and smaller platters that don’t get used regularly.

TIP: if you want the perfect hiding spot for a few bars of chocolate that you don’t want the other members of your family to inhale? Nobody ever looks in the cupboard above the fridge!

If you have an open space above your fridge

This space can become a dust magnet that you forget about except during that once a year Spring clean, so if your space is open, and you’re putting things directly on the top of the fridge (rather than on a shelf or in a cabinet), your best bet is to embrace containers.

Plastic cereal containers are good to stick up there, as long as everyone in the house can reach them if they need to. You can also use clear plastic bins to place a few smaller items that you don’t use very often, like all the doo dads that go with your mixer, within easy reach but out of the way.

Installing a wine rack is a great option too! It’s out of the way and your bottles can sit nicely on their sides, particularly that lovely vintage that you bought on vacation, determined to keep it for your anniversary! You can put one flat rack up there, or several layers of wines, snug and safe and away from small hands. Are you looking for a DIY version to create in over the fridge cabinets? Check out this post with an easy to make installed over the fridge wine rack.

Another cool idea if your fridge is recessed into the wall? Install a flat screen TV up there! You can enjoy the latest on Netflix while you chop onions, which at least will make the crying worthwhile! Or if your kitchen decor tends towards all things monochromatic (fridge, stove, in stainless steel for example), add a funky piece of artwork to add a blast of colour, and perhaps a plant to add some lively greenery.

Are you dealing with a tiny kitchen?

You might also then have a smaller than full size fridge, in which case the top of it can become a great spot for the microwave. Just put it up on a riser rather than directly onto the fridge, and you’ve got it out of the way but still accessible.

However you make use of the space, banish the black hole and make it your own. If nothing else, your stash of chips and chocolate will be safe!

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