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Measurement Equivalents Printable

I often look to my Measurement Equivalents chart when I want to use an alternative way to measure an ingredient. For instance, I may have an ingredient package with a small opening that I’d rather now pour into a measuring cup. It fits a tablespoon so I’ll figure out how many I’ll need to make up a cup (or whatever the amount is). This printable is handy to have in the kitchen for reference.

Measurement Equivalents Printable - Keep this free printable in the kitchen to refer to when you're preparing a recipe. It's come in handy many time for me!

This printable would be enormous if I included every conversion. I selected the ones that I use most often. If you need to look up another one, try Google. Type in the conversion you need and it usually comes up as the first search result.

Print out this Measurement Equivalents printable and add it to your household binder or keep it somewhere in your kitchen for reference. After referring to it enough, you’ll eventually have the conversions memorized and won’t need to refer to it anymore. I’m not at that point yet!

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