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Metric Conversion Chart Printable

I’m back today with another handy kitchen printable. One can never have too many, in my opinion! This Metric Conversion Chart printable will help you when you are preparing your meals and need to convert a measurement to either Imperial or Metric depending on where you live. I’m in Canada and tend to use both at home. Canada uses the metric system along with the majority of other countries in the world. I learned that there are only three countries that use the Imperial system: United States, Liberia and Myanmar. Who knew?

I don’t have many readers in Liberia or Myanmar, but I have many American readers. Also, there are so many wonderful American food blogs that list their recipes using Imperial measurements.

Metric Conversion Chart Printable - Save time in the kitchen with this handy metric conversion chart printable! Easily look up common measurements for cooking and baking.

Print out this conversion chart and keep it in your kitchen or household binder for reference. Another tip is to use Google. Type in the exact conversion you are looking for and it will pop up.

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What system do you use where you live: Metric, Imperial or a bit of both?

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