31 Days of Decluttering

2016 is almost here! I like to use this time of year to re-evaluate goals personally and professionally. I’ve got a few in mind that I’ll be working on this year. One consistent goal I have every year is getting our home organized. For me, that starts with decluttering. If I don’t use it, need it or love it, I lose it. It all goes in my donation box that I keep year round in the garage. I’ll make a run every few months to Value Village with household items. I could save them for a garage sale, but I don’t want to hang on to clutter that long!

31 Days of Decluttering - Make this year the year you get your home organized! With this 31 days of decluttering challenge, you'll be well on your way.


I’ve developed a cleaning and organizing challenge called the 31 days of decluttering. Every day has a different task to get your home clean and clutter-free. I’m starting January 1st. Join me!

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    31 Days of Decluttering - Make this year the year you get your home organized! With this 31 days of decluttering challenge, you'll be well on your way.

    Here’s a look at each day’s jobs:

    1. Christmas stuff
    2. Fridge
    3. Pantry
    4. Cookbooks/kitchen appliances
    5. Jewelry
    6. Movies and CDs
    7. Desk/office space
    8. Linen closet
    9. Kids closets
    10. Kids closets day 2/Pets
    11. Front bathroom
    12. Second bathroom
    13. Medicine cabinet
    14. Tupperware/kitchen storage
    15. Paperwork
    16. Toys
    17. Stuffed animals
    18. Books and Games
    19. Your Clothes
    20. Your Clothes day 2
    21. Scarves, hats, purses, belts, gloves, shoes
    22. Outside winter clothing
    23. Make-up/personal hygiene
    24. Apps on phone and DVR
    25. Storage on computer
    26. Photographs
    27. Attic
    28. Garage
    29. Garage day 2
    30. Car
    31. House knick knacks

    The beauty of this challenge is that it can be started any time of year. It doesn’t have to be on January 1st. Begin whenever you want and cross off the calendar as you complete the tasks.

    The challenge calendar is a printable pdf so you can download it and print it off at home. Share this post with your friends and family so they can participate too!

    Feel free to leave comments on this post with your comments and progress. I’d love to hear how it’s going for you on your path to organization!

    Is decluttering on your to-do list?

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    1. What a great idea! I love decluttering! I started my adventure to “Simplifying my life” about 6 months ago when we were preparing to move into our new home.  Our new home is much smaller than the house we were in previously and for a while I was really nervous about it. But, now that we’ve been here for a month, I see that decluttering has made things go a lot smoother! We still have a good amount of stuff that don’t have a spot yet, or are still in boxes, so I think decluttering more will help! 

      I think i will totally join you on this 31 day adventure!

    2. I love love love this post. 2016 is the year of de-cluttering. I’ve seen it all over the wellness trend posts. Happy New Year.

    3. Thanks,what a great idea! I’m gonna try this!

    4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

      I don’t have too many things so I don’t really have to declutter, I just wish my son would clear up his stuff that would make it all look a thousand times better 🙂

    5. I have already decluttered a lot in 2015 but still have a ways to go. A group of us created a facebook group where we can inspire and encourage each other. A bunch of us have read Marie Kondo’s book which helped us to get motivated. Coincidentally I cleared out my pantry yesterday and filled 1/2 large garbage bag with odds and ends including one broken container for storing things.

    6. I love this helpful list to follow in hopes of decluttering. The hard part is I work full-time and by the time I get home in the evening, fix dinner, check homework, throw a load of laundry in and prepare for the next day, I can’t seem to find time to tackle that day’s declutter task. UGH! When I’m at work, I think of all of the things I could be doing at home…when I’m at home, other things take up my time when I should be decluttering. Vicious cycle!
      Happy New Year!

    7. Great challenge and great printable. I took two days to purge and organize my Christmas stuff instead of just quickly packing it away. It felt good! Kids clothes and toys are next for me!

    8. What a great printable. I really need to do this because we have way too much clutter and it’s making me nuts!!!

    9. LOVE THIS!  and the fact that you have it designed in such a cute way – I’ll definitely be posting it to keep me on track.  Thanks for the inspiration!  (found you through Craftberry Bush)

    10. What a great idea to plan a full month for it and giving each day a specific category. I suppose it helps a lot with the feeling of “oh dear, where do I start”. I declutter several times a year and I’m tempted to try some version of this.

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