9 Valentine’s Day Party Games for the Whole Family

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a made up commercial holiday, or you really buy into all the lovey dovey extras, we can probably all agree that any reason for a party in the middle of the deep freeze of February is a good reason, right?

Assuming you answered ‘sure!’ to that last, this list of Valentine’s Day party games will keep your family and friends loving every minute of it!

9 Valentine’s Day Party Games for the Whole Family - Celebrate this special day with some fun party games that will guarantee a good time for all!

Valentine’s Day Party Games

1. Matching heart charades

Much like the original take on this family game night standard, you put an idea on a heart shaped piece of paper. How hard or easy you make the clues depends on the ages of the participants. You can go with Valentine’s movies, for an older crowd, or characters from favourite books for younger ones. Animals is an easy category for the youngest in your crowd. BUT here’s the difference from the traditional game: You put the same clue on TWO hearts. Each person picks one and someone goes first. The goal is for the person with the same clue to figure out that they are the match!

2. Broken hearts search game

Cut out a bunch of construction paper hearts, fold them in half vertically and make a cut in the middle before cutting the two halves apart. Do this with several hearts, making different cuts each time. Then hide one half of each heart somewhere in the house! Each person will have a different half and have to go searching for their perfect match! First one to find theirs gets a prize!

3. Pin the lips on the picture

A variation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, this one involves a drawn out poster of a face without lips. Then have some cut outs of lips with tape on the back of each one. Blindfold each person, spin them around and watch them as they try and put the lips where they belong! Everyone watching will have a great time too!

4. Heart balloon race

Put everyone in twos and give each pair a balloon. As they stand facing each other, they have to toss it gently up in the air and then catch it and bounce or move it across the room and into a bucket without touching it with their hands and without the balloon hitting the floor (though it could bounce off of other furniture). First balloon into the bucket wins!

5. Guess the chocolates

Buy different chocolates at the bulk store and put them in bowls. Then, with a blindfold on, each person has to guess what kind of chocolate is in each bowl. They can taste test to figure it out! This is by far the tastiest game!

6. Valentine’s Day bocci ball

Odds are you’re going to be holding your V-day festivities indoors, but who says you can’t bring a little summer inside? Get a little heart figure—the dollar store is your friend here—and some ping pong balls with numbers on them (use stickers for this) or nerf balls. Toss the figure out, preferably over carpet. Each person gets three ping pong balls with their numbers on them to toss and try and get as close to the figure as possible. Two out of three games wins!

7. Search for kisses

Hide foil wrapped chocolate kisses around the room and have the kids search for them! It’s a riff on the traditional Easter egg hunt, but all set up for some Valentine’s chocolate eating!

8. Valentine’s Day bingo

Print out some Valentine’s themed bingo cards and use cinnamon hearts for markers! It’s an easy game that may help calm things down after all the chocolate and balloon racing. That is, until someone eats all the markers!

9. Balloon style pinata

This is a perfect idea to keep for the end of the party AND it helps you decorate your home for the event, at the same time! Have a bunch of balloons around, each containing a small piece of paper. Each one has a love note or saying on it EXCEPT for one, which has ‘YOU WIN!’ printed on it. At the end of the party, everyone can collect the balloons and stomp on them until they pop: the person who gets the balloon with ‘YOU WIN!’ wins a prize!

And when the kids are tucked up in bed and you and your sweetie are snuggling on the sofa, you can play your own Valentine’s Day games! Let your imagination run wild! Maybe play a racy game of Marshmallow Mayhem? All you have to do is sit at opposite ends of the sofa and toss mini-marshmallows into each other’s mouths. Points for each direct hit! What? Did you think I was going to give you a different kind of suggestion?

Whether you’d rather bake or do crafts, play games or simply watch a movie with a heart shaped pizza, take a little time on this day, and every other day, to tell your loved ones that you care.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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