Boost Your Buzz~April 2011 Testimonials

Boost My Buzz was an amazing giveaway event. Not only did I gain more followers, but I also found new and fun blogs to follow. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah

My goal was to finally get over and above 2000 twitter followers and I reached that goal after 1.5 weeks. My FB and GFC went way high too. I could also see my Alexa scale affected by this event. Thank you.

I loved Boost Your Buzz. The team did a great job of promoting the event before and during! I received a significant amount of traffic at my site and it really boosted my Facebook page. Thanks! Di Doodlings

The Boost your Buzz event exceeded my expectations. Which I thought would be impossible since these fine ladies are top notch when it comes to these promotional events. If you want to give your blog and social media profiles a major boost, I would highly recommend jumping on the Boost your Buzz wagon as fast as you can. -Dawn

This was a crazy great giveaway. The prize in and of itself was phenomenal and truly motivated people to enter. As a blog who was looking to “Boost my Buzz”, the results were Simply Stunning! 250 Facebook fans–do you realize how long it would have taken me to do that on my own? And guess what? I haven’t lost one since the contest has ended! Sign me up for the next Boost your Buzz! The Chief Blonde is onboard!

During the span of Boost Your Buzz I earned 300 new GFC Followers, 220 new Facebook Likes and 415 new Twitter followers. The big surprise is that my feed subscriber count increased by 159 during this time and it wasn’t even part of the contest! Thank you for organizing such a great even to help boost this newbie’s buzz! Amanda from Midwestern Moms (

This was such an awesome experience. I gained over 200 new followers and I am so excited. Thank you so much for this opportunity!! Sheri

I definitely got my money’s worth with the Boost Your Buzz giveaway. With my $50 investment, my total followership increased by over 1000 in just 2 weeks time. The giveaway was easy to participate in as a blogger, and easy to enter. I really appreciate the time and effort put into the giveaway by the blog sponsors. I will definitely take part in the next Boost Your Buzz if I am able, and other giveaways of this type sponsored by SimplyStacie for sure. ~ Raylene @ It’s OK to be WEIRD!

I think I gained about 300 GFC followers and the same for Twitter.

Boost your Buzz was awesome! I gained 200 gfc 300 plus Twitter, 100 Facebook fans and 50 Etsy fans. This was way more than I anticipated! Thank you so much!

Boost Your Buzz was a fantastic opportunity to introduce my blog to hundreds of new readers and subscribers. Now it’s up to me to keep them coming back with good content, but I appreciate the opportunity to have a new group of readers that will challenge me continue producing a great blog. Thank you.

Boost Your Buzz was an fantastic event that allowed me to increase my followers & my readership. I enjoyed the experience & would definitely participate again! Karen – Bright Autumn Sun (

BYB brought my blog to the attention of a lot of folks. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself to them!

This was a fantastic way to gain new followers for a GREAT price. It was run very professionally. I would recommend this event, and will participate again.

Enjoyed meeting new people and connecting to other bloggers, boosting each other’s social buzz 🙂 I would say I am over 20% more socially connected in just two weeks, maybe even more.

I am so excited to have been a part of Boost Your Buzz! I entered the giveaway and also had three social media accounts on the list. The exposure that I gained from this was phenomenal and I hope to continue building the relationships that I’ve started. Thank you so much for doing this!

I enjoyed Boost Your Buzz. It was amazing how many blogs I did not know about. I was excited each day to see new followers to my Facebook page, Google Friend Connect, and Twitter. I look forward to following the new blogs and Facebook pages I found during Boost Your Buzz. Thanks for the opportunity, Jackie Healthy Kids with Smart Moms

I gained 220 followers during Boast Your Buzz – I’d say it’s worth the $10 investment! Sam

I am blown away with the number of Twitter Followers I gained from Boost Your Buzz! –Momondealz

Boost your Buzz was the perfect answer for gaining traffic and followers to my sites. I gained a total of 783 followers between Twitter, my blog, and my facebook fanpage! I could not be more pleased and I can’t wait for the next Boost Your Buzz!!! Anna, The Pilot’s Wife

I loved this experience! I gained almost 300 followers on Google Friend Connect and about that many on Twitter as well. It far exceeded my best expectations!

I loved the number of followers I gained. My readership jumped.

My had great increases in followers for Facebook, Twitter and GFC. I would participate again! Jackie

When I signed up for Boost Your Buzz, I wasn’t sure how many followers it would bring. I was impressed with my increase of followers and wish I had gotten a bigger pack! Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery

My follows increased significantly from Boost Your Buzz. Definitely exceeded my expectations. The giveaway was very easy to enter. I just wish I personally had more time to complete the entries… nothing on your part though, just me not having the time! The event was awesome and all of you are awesome too! Thanks for a great giveaway! Tree Mother of Pearl It Is

Thanks to Boost Your Buzz, I received nearly 300 new Facebook likes on both of my blogs. And I received even more new Twitter followers! Sign me up for next time. Freebie Spot The Healthified Mom

The Boost Your Buzz Event was awesome! It’s definitely what I needed to take my blog to the “next level”. Frugally Green Mom (

I started blogging a few short months ago and was afraid I would never see 100 followers. With Boost Your Buzz my followers soared! I am so happy I participated and can’t wait for another one!

I really enjoyed participating in the Boost Your Buzz promotion, especially since I was able both to join in as a participant and as a giveaway contestant. Leaving the giveaway open to those that participate definitely made this a very fun event for me. Thanks so much to Mom Boost for providing this great opportunity!

I am so glad that I participated. It was definitely well worth the money. I have gained so many new followers and how found many new bloggers to follow as well. Thanks for setting this up, I know it must be a lot of work for you all to do!!

I was very impressed about how easy it was to participate in Boost Your Buzz. I found it easy to sign-up to participate and at a minimal cost. I also found it very easy to enter. It was a GREAT event. My GFC followers, twitter followers, and FB followers all increased by over 350 each. Thanks so much.

“I received a great response from taking part in the Boost your Buzz Giveaway. I saw my follower numbers increase significantly. Definitely worth every penny spent!”

Loved it! Not only did I gain GFC, Twitter, & Facebook followers, I gained some new daily readers, and saw a big increase of traffic during the event, Thank-you!

The Boost Your Buzz event is a great way for new bloggers to attract followers and for old hats to attract new readers. It was an inexpensive but beneficial opporunity and I would absolutely participate again!

Boost Your Buzz helped my blog tremendously! I loved being able to offer such a great prize to my readers as well as being able to gain new fans, and meet other new blogs/bloggers along the way! This was great and I definitely would do it again! -Mandee from

Not only was Boost Your Buzz was an easy traffic builder for my blog and Twitter account, I had the chance to win $1000 cash. What’s better than that?!

My blog and Twitter following increased from 300 to 500 in a matter of days. If you want to bring visibility to your name and products, Boost Your Buzz is the way to go!

This was the best organized and easiest Giveaway to enter that I have ever participated in. Loved It!