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Brownie Parfaits

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If you’re craving chocolate, I have a recipe you need to try! These Brownie Parfaits are pure heaven. They are one of my latest recipes for Living Litehouse. 

I picked up some Litehouse® Chocolate Flavored Dip and wanted to make a couple dessert recipes with it. I love homemade brownies and knew that drizzling this luscious chocolate sauce on top would take them to the next level. And it did!

Brownie Parfaits

Picture layers of rich fudgy brownies, topped with decadent chocolate sauce and fudge flavored whipped cream. Add a sweet strawberry on top for a pop of colour and sweetness.

It’s a great little dessert to serve after a delicious meal or when your sweet tooth is calling. Kids can help assemble the parfait, too! 

Brownie Parfaits

Get the full recipe over at Living Litehouse. I hope you love it as much as my family does!


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