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Checklist for Fall Household Chores

With fall in full swing and the rush of Halloween behind us, it’s time to start planning for the ‘big’ event.  Hold up, there are a few hurdles to overcome before we are ready for the holiday season. The first starts the weekend when we change our clocks and “fall back” one hour.

With a time change happening twice a year, it’s the perfect time to accomplish basic housekeeping chores that only occur a few times a year. Whether it’s changing your tires from summer to winter or scheduling a furnace check up, we could all use a little reminder for household chores.

Checklist for Fall Household Chores - Get ready for the colder weather with these handy reminders of items you need to do for home and work.

Checklist for Household Chores


  • Put away patio furniture and cut back plants
  • Store garden tools & bring out snow shovels and snowblower
  • Change furnace filter and schedule maintenance check
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors on every floor (including the basement)
  • Review expiration date on fire extinguishers (one should be in the kitchen and garage)
  • Have a chimney sweep come to clean the soot out of the flue on your wood burning fireplace
  • Check gas fireplace to ensure it is dust-free and clean
  • Have Gas fireplace and gas lines checked
  • Wipe down all baseboards, door jams and window sills (check that seals are intact)
  • Schedule with mechanic to change to winter tires
  • Clean Humidifiers, floor vents and bathroom ceiling fans
  • Wipe down all ceiling fans, light fixtures and light switches
  • Change out your bedding if you have fall/winter bedding. Air out bedding before storing or send to cleaners for cleaning and then storing (add cedar planks if needed)
  • Rotate mattress and vacuum mattress, box spring and frame


  • Change all of your PASSWORDS to all of your accounts. Make it complicate!
  • Go through all your apps on Google gmail, your phone or on desktop that you have allowed access to (delete access to those you no longer use)
  • Review pictures from your phone and either delete, archive to cloud service like Dropbox or on external hard drive
  • Back up your computer and to the ‘cloud’ or on an external hard drive
  • Check all your power cords, cable cords and outlets to ensure they working properly and no circuit is overloaded

There is always something to do around the house so instead of putting it off, JUST DO IT.

When the time change happens, plan to tackle those chores.  I have another list that I use to make changes when Daylight Savings time starts in the spring. Some chores are similar but others are way more fun!

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