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How to Clean Baseboards

My mom notices the details when it comes to cleaning and she doesn’t hesitate to let me know if something is less than perfect. Let’s suppose you’ve cleared the clutter and cleaned the floors, but it still doesn’t look finished. It may well be that the place where the wall meets your floor is not as crisp looking as it could be. When the dust settles, it loves landing on the baseboards and since, most of the time, they are white, it shows!

How to Clean Baseboards - 10 easy ways to get your baseboards looking like new!

How to Clean Baseboards

Here are some easy ways to get mom-approved results of your own.

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1. Magic Erasers. When these little beauties first came out, I thought they were the coolest. Just wet them and scrub away to “magically”remove marks and scuffs.

2. Disinfecting wipes. I have been known to slide these along the boards and in addition to shining them up, they leave a nice clean scent.

3. Dryer sheets. This is one of my mom’s tried and tested tricks to prevent build-up. Simply slide them along your freshly cleaned baseboards to leave a fresh smelling lint-rappelling layer.

4. Vacuum. If you’re not in the mood to get down and dirty with this task, you can always vacuum the baseboards with the edge cleaning attachment to save yourself from bending.

5. Paper towel and spray cleaner. There is always the go-to paper towel and spray cleaner for household cleaning tasks. This is my less preferred method since it makes a lot of waste and can get messy as it runs down while you race to wipe it.

6. Sponge & bucket. This is mom’s old faithful technique of going all around the house with her sponge and bucket full of warm water and Mr. Clean Lemon Fresh. She dries it with a microfibre towel as she goes and their perfection is undisputed.

7. Vinegar and water. Many of us like using natural cleaners like a mixture of vinegar and water. This may have you craving French fries temporarily but is odourless once dry and does the trick.

8. Cotton swabs. Yes, the cotton swabs will get you out of a jam and I have used them to get jam out of the cracks in the seal of my fridge. If you have the time to get into those small crevices, they are a great tool.

9. Swiffer Duster and Wet Jet. Run the duster across and then the Wet Jet. It works on my laminate floors so I use it on the baseboards at the same time.

10. Steam Cleaner. I love my steam cleaner. When I really want to blast away dirt and grime and feel like a bit of a superhero with a secret weapon. I bring out the disinfecting power of steam!

There are many ways to achieve clean, fresh and beautiful baseboards so add it to YOUR spring cleaning list and try one of these 10 methods for making this task a little easier. You might just find a much less painful way to get those great results.

How do you clean your baseboards?

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