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10 Ways to Save Money on Laundry

Laundry never stops. Every other day I find myself loading items into the machine thinking, “Who wears all these clothes?”. At our place it seems as soon as a basket makes its way back up full of clean stuff, it is reassigned as the collector of the already forming pile for the next load. I don’t think it is possible to ever be totally caught up, but there are definitely ways to save on the expense of this endless cycle. Saving money on laundry is high up on my list. You can start to save money on laundry today with these helpful tips.

10 Ways to Save Money on Laundry - Simple tweaks to your daily routine can mean saving big bucks on your monthly budget.

Save Money on Laundry

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1. Chill out, don’t sweat it. Heating the water costs money. I have been washing my clothes in cold water since college mainly because the apartment building where I stayed ran out of hot water relatively quickly. It was a necessary compromise if I wanted a decent warm shower. These days, the detergents are designed to clean just as well in these conditions so set it to cold to save money and energy.

2. Short and sweet. Use the shortest washing cycle to cut down on the time it takes to wash your clothes. Less time to wash means less energy used and reduced electricity costs.

3. Save the soap. Less will save you more. Did you know that the recommended amount of detergent is usually excessive? If you run out quicker, you buy more often so it makes sense for the manufacturers to recommend a higher amount than needed. Try using half as much and I bet your clothes will come out just as clean.

4. Make your own soap. Making your own soap in most cases will save you 75%. I have friends who swear by this because they have sensitive skin and like both knowing and controlling exactly what is in it.

5. Skip the softener. Adding a half cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle will get you results at a third of the price.

6. Sunshine is golden. Get outside and put those blankets and larger items on the line to dry in the breeze. This will make everything smell super fresh, too. There is a crispness to line-dried sheets that cannot be duplicated indoors. I also make use of a drying rack in the winter putting things in the dryer for a few minutes only to soften them up once they’re mostly dry.

7. Shake it up baby. Something as simple as shaking things out on their way to the dryer will make a difference. Have you ever found a crumpled up sock is still wet when everything else is dry?

8. If you’ve got the balls, use them. Dryer balls fluff and separate items improving airflow as they tumble. The wool ones pull moisture out cutting down on the time you need to run the dryer. Plus, they are reusable. I have also been known to throw a dry towel in with the wet ones to reduce drying time.

9. Timing is money. It really is when you consider the fluctuating electricity rates. Where I live there are “off peak” hours during which it is cheaper to run appliances such as on the weekends and later in the evenings. For this reason, I try to run the dryer in the evenings only.

10. Clean your trap. I was surprised to find that this isn’t second nature to everyone. It is such a pet peeve of mine to find it clogged up that I made a sign that read “clean trap” in an attempt to idiot-proof it when I had roommates. Cleaning the lint trap ensures proper airflow and quicker drying times and should be done after every load to prevent it becoming a fire hazard.

Your money matters and these tips will help ensure it’s not going down the drain.

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What are some of the ways that you save money on laundry?

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