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How To Remove Candle Wax From A Carpet

You probably landed on this page by accident. No no, I know that you came here on purpose, and I’m glad you’re here, but nobody comes to see how to remove candle wax from a carpet unless an accident has taken place. What happened to bring you here? Did you have a wild party where the guests knocked a candle off the table? Was there a wax burner sitting a little too close to a hyper child? Or maybe you’re like me, and you just can’t remember how the wax got there. It just showed up one day, and from the colour and scent of the stain, you knew exactly what it was.

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Carpet - Simple, easy-to-follow instructions to get your carpet looking like new again!

How to Remove Candle Wax From a Carpet

I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter how the stain got there. The fact of the matter is there are certain stains that wind up on our carpet, and we just accept that this is life now. There is no point in trying to remove it, and the only thing to really do is to find a way to cover the stain and hope for the best. Juice, red wine, and candle wax have been the bane of housekeeping for a long time. Despite what you may have heard, none of those stains are completely impossible to remove. I know the secret, and I’m going to share it with you. When I learned this trick for the first time, I felt like a wizard and the best part? You don’t need any magical cleaner, you’ve in got everything you need to remove candle wax from a carpet right in your house.

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Supply list:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hard bristled brush (any kind of brush will do, a scrub brush, a hairbrush, whichever).
  • An iron
  • A few brown paper bags with no writing on them
  • Patience – this is not a quick process, but you’re going to do much better than you would trying to cover that stain with an end table for the rest of your life.

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Carpet - Simple, easy-to-follow instructions to get your carpet looking like new again!

Steps for removing candle wax from a carpet

1. Vacuum the area thoroughly – This is assuming that your wax has already cooled. If the stain is completely fresh, you’re going to want to let it cool. I know that seems counterproductive, but trust me, you aren’t going to do anything by trying to dab up hot wax besides burning yourself. Once the wax is cool, you’re going to begin by vacuuming the area around the stain thoroughly. That will loosen up any wax that isn’t stuck to your carpet fibers and get it out of the way. If you’d like, prior to vacuuming take a brush with hard bristles and brush at the stain to loosen up even more wax and get it out of your way. We want to concentrate directly on the stain.

2. Go get your iron, and preheat it – Your iron, yes, the same one you use for your clothing, is going to play a big part in this wax removal.  Set the iron as hot as you can get it without activating the steam, and once it is good and hot, wipe the plate off with a damp cloth to ensure it is clean before starting.
Place the paper bag over the stain – Make sure the stain is completely covered, and that you have enough space to move your iron around without scorching your carpet.

3. Iron over the paper bag, moving the iron off of the stain frequently to avoid melting carpet – This is where the process gets fun. As you iron over the wax stain, the wax is going to be sucked up into the paper bag, and you’re going to get REALLY excited. Do not get so excited that you forget carpet fibers can’t withstand heat for very long. We can remove wax, we cannot fix melted carpet fibers. Iron for a few seconds, remove your iron from the bag and allow the carpet to cool for a few moments, then resume. Repeat this process, moving the bag around to give you a fresh section to iron over. Continue to shift your bag until there is no wax absorbing into your paper bag

Get ready to celebrate! You may have believed that getting wax out of your carpet was impossible, but now you know that it is not. Obviously, you don’t want to make a habit out of spilling wax all over your carpet, but now you know that if you do, you’re not going to have to live with the stain forever.

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