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6 Tips for Keeping Your Tummy Happy

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Buscopan. All opinions on this blog are my own.

With my schedule, it feels like I never stop moving. Not only am I busy with work, but I’m also taking care of the kids, attending social gatherings and sharing lots of delicious (and rich) food with friends. I’m not complaining because I love all these things.

I’m no stranger to stomach cramps. My triggers are certain foods and stress which I learned are common among many people. On a particularly busy week, I’m dealing with those specific triggers pretty much every day!

To tackle my stomach cramps, I’m putting into practice a few tips and tricks to keep my tummy happy so I can enjoy my time with family and friends.

 6 Tips for Keeping Your Tummy Happy – Try these simple tips to keep stomach pain at bay and learn what to do if it does happen.

Keep Your Tummy Happy

1. Don’t rush eating. I’m bad for tasting something delicious and practically inhaling my plate. Instead, slowly chew and savour your food. Enjoy each bite. It’s not a race.

2. Don’t overeat. It’s tempting because especially at large social gatherings, you want to try EVERYTHING. You can, just pick out smaller portions instead of heaping servings. Also, by eating slowly, your body will have a chance to digest the food and give your brain the signal of when it’s full.

3. Limit fizzy drinks. I don’t drink fizzy drinks very often, but when I do, I pay for it with stomach cramping. Fill up on water with lemon instead of huge glasses of pop.

4. Watch your anxiety. Deep breaths! Your stomach is very sensitive to your mental state – it’s the mind-body connection. My stomach always acts up during times of stress. I find taking a 10-minute time out to do deep breathing or meditate really helps keep my anxiety levels down.

5. Avoid skipping meals. Continue to eat regularly during the day even if you know you’re going to be attending a party where there will be a big spread of food. You’ll eat less at the party and will be less likely to irritate your stomach with the sudden onslaught of food.

6. Listen to your body. If you are concerned about stomach cramps, make sure to talk to your health care professional. They can give you better understanding of what is happening and make recommendations on treatment to ease the discomfort. And for a solution that targets the source of your stomach pain, try Buscopan®. It treats the problem and doesn’t mask it like other solutions. It works to calm your muscles in the digestive tract and bring relief stomach cramping.

If you end up with stomach pains, don’t despair. Buscopan® can help. The good news is that you don’t even need a prescription to get it. It’s located behind the counter at your local pharmacy so make sure to ask your pharmacist about it if you are suffering. To help avoid side effects and ensure proper use, talk to your pharmacist before trying Buscopan®.

Dr. Ted Jablonski, a family physician says, “If you suffer from abdominal cramping, a treatment like Buscopan® targets the problem and associated pain.”

I only recently learned about Buscopan® even though it’s been a widely used brand in Canada over 40 years. From now on, I’ll keep stomach cramping from affecting my plans and I’ll be heading to my pharmacy to treat it.

Learn more about stomach cramping and Buscopan®, visit or visit your local pharmacy to talk with the pharmacist.

How do you keep your tummy happy?

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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