How I Use My Phone During the Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Though I’m not crazy about all the snow, I sure do love the holiday season. It’s the time of year of twinkling lights, family memories and giving back. It’s only here for a short time and I cherish every minute.

One item always by my side during the holidays is my mobile phone. No, I’m not texting or surfing social media while I’m visiting with family friends. I am using it in other ways, though. My phone is there for several important purposes that allow me to enjoy this time of year that much more!

How I Use My Phone During the Holiday Season

1. Capturing memories. All phones come equipped with cameras these days with many of them rivalling the quality of a DSLR. I use my phone to take photos of my kids opening up their presents on Christmas morning. I want their happy faces to be permanently etched in my memory. I also love to take photos of family, friends (and food!) at holiday parties.

Plus, my phone is there when I want to capture funny or special moments like documenting my cat’s obsession with our Christmas tree.

2. Sharing Snapchats with family and friends. My cousin got me hooked on Snapchat last year and it’s awesome to use for a few laughs. Use the holiday filters to send hilarious snaps to people on your list. I love checking my snaps every morning to see what my family has sent me. It’s another way to stay connected in a humourous way!

3. Planning a holiday menu. If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, you are missing out! I use Pinterest daily and especially around the holidays when I’m looking for ideas on what to serve for our holiday dinners. I create a secret board and pin all dishes I want to try. Then I narrow down the recipes to what I’m actually going to make.

4. Staying organized. My phone is my personal organizer. I use apps and calendars to keep track of appointments, parties and my never-ending to-do list. It keeps me on track and less stressed because I never forget important dates.

5. Sharing on social media. Like I mentioned, I’m not glued to my phone when I’m visiting people. However, when I’m alone, I enjoy checking out Facebook to see what everyone else is up to over the holidays. I’ll also share our family photos so friends and family can stay current on what we are up to.

6. Planning for Boxing Week. Boxing Week sales are HUGE in Canada! I use my phone to find the best deals near me and make my list of what I want to get. One spot on my list for Boxing Week is The Mobile Shop.

I’d love to hear how you use your phone during the holiday season. Let me know in the comments below.

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