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Stocking Stuffers for Under $10

Get something for EVERYONE in the family, including Fido!

As the gift giving season gears up, one of the easiest set of presents are the stocking stuffers! Get it done early and you’ll have the satisfaction of ticking something off of your ever growing holiday list, quickly and easily.

Stocking Stuffers for Under $10 - Get something for EVERYONE in the family, including your pets!

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Stocking stuffers for Mom

Something for body and beauty —

  • A bottle of her favourite brand of nail polish, with an emery board tied on with a ribbon.
  • A fabulous lipgloss in her shade.
  • Bath bombs and a coupon with a promise for peace and quiet during her ‘tub time’.

Something for her appetites —

  • Chocolate, because how can you go wrong with chocolate?
  • A fun mug for her morning coffee.
  • A journal or book – appetites don’t have to be about stomachs!

Stocking stuffers for Dad

Fill Dad’s tummy —

  • A jar of nuts or jelly beans or … whatever Dad prefers.
  • Days worth of his favourite chocolate bars to stash in his bag for the commute.
  • A small bottle of his choice of liquid libation: red, white or vodka?

Useful hobbies —

  • A deck of cards, for that impromptu poker game; or maybe Go Fish is more their speed!
  • A book by a favourite author, yours or his!
  • iTunes gift card for all the apps he wants to buy.

Stocking stuffers for the Kids

Babies —

  • A new soother, because you can never have enough of those around!
  • A baby safe stuffed animal to cuddle.
  • A tag blankie: these are particularly fun for wee hands to play with.
  • A board book to read at bedtime. Perhaps a holiday classic?

Kids —

  • A gift card for their favourite toy store; a good lesson in saving for the thing they want to buy the most!
  • A small stuffie, to add to the collection (like they need another one, right?)
  • Fun toys like a tiny Etch-a-Sketch, Rubik’s Cube or other old school fun! Check out stores that sell items for loot bags: these make great stocking stuffers too!
  • Play-Doh, stickers or crayons; or how about this year’s most popular toy: a slow rising squishy!
  • Start a new tradition, like giving an annual Christmas ornament, that is the beginning of the collection they can take with them when the move out, down the road.

Teens —

  • Gift card! Gift card! Gift card! This is the best and greatest way to please a teen! iTunes, Starbucks… whatever they love!
  • Lip gloss, or a new polish.
  • A variety of fun snacks: chocolate, jelly beans, popcorn and more!
  • A journal for them to record their best and greatest thoughts!

Stocking stuffers for Pets

Appealing to their tummies —

  • Dental bones, because what YOU don’t want for the holidays is a big vet bill for a dental cleaning!
  • Homemade treats. Can you say Pupcakes, anyone? Woof!

Appealing to their need for play —

  • Squeaky or rope toys. You can never have enough toys for them to hide!
  • A new collar, or maybe a new name tag. Something that speaks to their personal, fluffy style!

Stocking stuffers for EVERYONE

Whether it’s for the office Secret Santa or just to have on hand in case a few extra goodies are needed, here are some ideas that will work for almost anyone:

  • A wooly scarf in a neutral style and colour.
  • Movie theatre gift certificates.
  • Coffee or tea mugs, with cocoa, tea or coffee packages inside. Or how about a chocolate covered spoon?
  • A special or super fun Christmas ornament.
  • Jelly beans, because who doesn’t love a little sugar jump in the afternoon?
  • Homemade jollies, like a jar of orange cranberry jelly, with a personalized label.

One neat idea is to get into the habit of giving the same type of thing to different people so that you get a bit of a reputation for those choices. A friend of mine is a book lover and she lives to convert people who aren’t typically avid readers, so she always picks out a novel for her friends. While you know that’s what you’re getting from that person, it’s still always a lovely surprise!

Kids also love the magic of Portable North Pole!

Do you have some great stocking stuffer ideas to share? 

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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