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My Gratitude List

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When I’m having a bad day, I try to remember all the good things in my life. October is the month of giving thanks to life’s blessings. It’s a time for reflecting back on what matters the most and showing gratitude for all the good around us. In Canada, it’s Thanksgiving where we share a delicious meal surrounded by family and friends. It’s a chance for us to reconnect with the people we love the most.

I sat down recently to really think about what I’m grateful for and developed my gratitude list. In honour of Thanksgiving, I’m remembering what I cherish whether it’s people, places, situations or things.

My Gratitude List

1. My Children. It’s no surprise that they are number 1 on my list. My kids mean the world to me and everything I do, I do for them. Olivia is away at university in Southern Ontario and I haven’t seen her since the beginning of September. I’m grateful for how easy it is to stay connected to her via my cell phone from The Mobile Shop. I always look forward to her texts and seeing how she is doing with her school work.

Bridget just turned 13 and will always be my baby. I love seeing how enthusiastic she is for her new found love for horses. She’s become an amazing rider and has won several competitions already.

2. My Family. I feel grateful to live so close to my extended family. I lived out of the province for so many years and it’s nice to be back living in my hometown. I love visiting my parents, sisters, nephew and niece and my cousins.

3. My Home. It’s not a mansion, but it’s MINE. It’s comfortable, cozy and relaxing. We’ve been slowly poking away at renovations and our latest project was a huge kitchen renovation. I’m really enjoying cooking in my new kitchen and loving all the extra storage I have now.

4. Social Media. Technology has made it so easy to stay in touch with people I haven’t seen in years. I’ve reconnected with friends I had in high school. The friendships have picked up right where they left off years ago. I enjoy scrolling through my cell phone and seeing photos and updates of what people are up to. My cell phone is an integral part of my life and allows me to keep in touch with everyone.

5. My Work. I’m thankful everyday for the opportunity to stay home doing something I love. I know what it’s like to do a job I hate. I was an accountant before I started blogging. When you love what you do, it doesn’t really feel like “work”.

6. My Cats. Princess, Misty and Reggie are part of our family. My furbabies bring me so much joy. They are all so different with their own distinct personalities and quirks. Reggie follows me around like my shadow, Princess loves to be cuddled and Misty loves to sit at my feet while I work. I’m constantly capturing photos of them on my cell phone. I think my camera album is filled with about 75% cat photos!

I could be here all day listing out every last thing I’m grateful for. I’ve touched on the most important ones in my life. I’d love to hear what is on your gratitude list!

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Stacie Vaughan

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