The Ultimate Graduation Gift

It seems like yesterday that I was bringing Olivia home from the hospital. Fast forward 18 years and I’m sending her off to university in the fall. My little baby is all grown up and graduating high school. This important milestone is exciting for her and maybe a little hard for me. I’m proud of her and all she has accomplished. That’s one reason why I’m looking for the perfect graduation gift to celebrate this momentous occasion. Something memorable. Special. The ultimate gift. And I think I’ve found it. The gift of Contiki.

The Ultimate Graduation Gift - Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki!

I first learned of Contiki when I was a teen. You see, I was a huge travel buff back then. I used to subscribe to travelling magazines and dream of all the adventures I would go on when I was an adult. When I started university, my goal was to study foreign languages and become a translator. I would have freaked out if my parents had given me a Contiki travel experience for my graduation gift. I probably would have fainted.

Olivia is part of the Gen Z generation and one of their characteristics is valuing experiences and memories over material possessions. She’s at the perfect age to travel and see the world. Her adult life is just starting and now is the time to go before the responsibilities of school work hits.

Contiki’s trips are geared for ages 18 to 35 years old. They are a world leader in the travel business and if I were going to send my daughter anywhere, it would be with them. With over 300 trips in over 50 countries, they provide a life-changing and unforgettable travel experience. Learn more about Contiki and who they are. Oh to be young again!

The Ultimate Graduation Gift - Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki!

There are actually quite a few reasons why I’d choose a Contiki travel experience for my daughter as the perfect graduation gift.

1. They are a well-known, respected brand who have been in the business since 1962. If I’m sending my daughter abroad, I want her to be with a company I trust.

2. They offer eight travel styles to suit various personalities. Find the style that best suits your needs. I like the Easy Pace, but I think Olivia would enjoy the In Depth Explorer or Discoverer.

3. It would be her first time travelling anywhere outside of Canada alone so I’d rather she not be by herself. I’d worry too much and like the peace of mind knowing she’s taken care of. I like the idea of group travel and the benefits it offers.

The Ultimate Graduation Gift - Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki!

4. All the details would be taken care of ahead of time by Contiki. Olivia could just go and enjoy the trip. That includes all accommodations and transportation.

5. Each trip has a dedicated trip manager who knows the destination like the back of his or her hand. Think of it like getting insider knowledge from a local.

The Ultimate Graduation Gift - Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki!

6. The traveller has the option to take free time if he or she wishes. I think it’s great they give that option for downtime or if the person prefers to do their own thing.

7. Because you are travelling with others, the potential is there to make lifelong friends from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people.

The Ultimate Graduation Gift - Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki!

8. Contiki offers more inclusions than any other company. In fact, they even have a few Contiki only exclusives. How does skipping the line at the Vatican sound to you?

9. Life happens and I love that Contiki has a flexible cancellation policy – their “Freedom Guarantee” consisting of Zero Change Fees and FlexDeposit. You can change your plans for free. If you’ve given a deposit already, you can use that towards another Contiki trip at a later date.

10. They have over 300 trips to choose from in over 50 countries. Talk about lots of choice! Some of their best sellers include Italian Espresso, Thai Island Hopper East, Mediterranean Escape, Ireland, Greek Island Hopping and Australia’s Beaches and Reefs. Decisions, decisions!

The gift of travel is perfect for a recent graduate like my daughter or someone who is taking a gap year after high school. This is one milestone gift I’m sure he or she will never forget!

The Ultimate Graduation Gift - Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki!

Contiki “Gifter” Code

I have a promo code for you to use! Use the code PPCSTACIE to save $150 off per person on any Contiki trip 7 days or longer. You can book via the Contiki website and add the promo code to the “Add promo code” box. Alternatively, you can call in your reservation at 1-800-268-1835 and quote the promo code over the phone.

This code is not combinable with other offers or last minute deals in market, but it is combinable with brochure discounts.

Do you have anyone in your life who would love to receive the gift of travel?

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