Travel Through Ireland with Your Children

Green valleys, rolling hills, friendly people, and culture are found everywhere in Ireland and it is one of the most magnificent places to visit with your children.  From the East Coast to the West, and the North to the South, you will find something exciting to do while you are in Ireland.

Travel Through Ireland with Your Children - 7 things that every family should see or do while in Ireland.

Here are 7 things that every family should see or do while in Ireland:

1. A visit to the Fota Wildlife Park is a must for every family who is spending time in Ireland.  The animals might be the main attraction, but families can also participate in the multiple activities that are offered throughout the year. I suggest that you shop at the Serengeti Gift Store and eat at the Savannah Café or the Oasis Café.

2. There are ten caves in Ireland that families can easily explore.  Everyone will be mesmerized by the frozen waterfall at the Aillwee Cave and the Tower of Babel at the Mitchelstown Cave.

3. Chocoholic families will want to participate in the Butlers Chocolate Experience while they are in Dublin.  The entire family will learn how chocolate is made from the growth of the cocoa bean to the finished product.

4. Many Irish emigrants left the country at the Custom House Quay decades ago and that is where the new EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is located.  There are twenty different galleries that tell the story of the migration of the Irish people, why people left Ireland, how the Irish influenced their new homes, and where the Irish emigrants are now.

5. There are many legends surrounding the Blarney Stone, but the true Blarney Stone is a bluestone that is located in the battlements of Blarney Castle.  Many people enjoy visiting the castle and the gardens, but kissing the Blarney Stone is the main reason for everyone’s visit.

6. Children love exploring and the Dunbrody Famine Ship has quite a bit to see.  People can walk below the deck to see where everyone lived during the forty-five-day voyage and then continue to the cargo hold where there is an exhibit of the life of the emigrants that John F. Kennedy was a descendant of.

7. People of all ages need to visit the Cliffs of Moher to see the spectacular views of Ireland.  If a person is there on a clear day, they might be able to spot the Aran Islands as well as Connemara.

The cloudy and cool weather that is found in Ireland should never deter anyone from visiting the country.  Ireland is absolutely beautiful and the history and views are things that everyone needs to know, see, and experience.  A vacation to Ireland is something your family will remember for the rest of their lives.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Mary xo

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