How My Cell Phone Makes My Life Easier

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It’s an understatement to say that my cell phone is an integral part of my life. The question really is how don’t I use my cell phone in my day-to-day life? Honestly, I’d be lost without it. It stays safely in my purse and travels with me wherever I go. I’m trying to think back to before I had my cell phone and how I managed. I guess I did things old school back then. Now I’m digitally connected to everything and am loving all the convenience it adds to my life.

If you sit down to think about it, you may discover how big of a role your mobile devices play in your life, too. Here’s a look at all the different ways I use my cell phone in everyday life.

1. Managing my finances. I use my bank’s mobile app to keep tabs on my personal accounts and credit card transactions. I check it weekly to see how my investments are performing. I also pay all my household bills via my phone. Last year, my bank came out with the ability to deposit cheques with the app. It’s so convenient and saves me a trip to the bank.

2. Organizing my life. My cell phone has my calendar to keep track of my family’s upcoming appointments. It even gives me a reminder the day before. For day-to-day living, I rely on my to-do list. I keep it on my cell phone and can archive tasks as I complete them or drag them to the next day they need to be done. People say that I’m so organized and I tell them that my cell phone plays a big role in helping me stay that way!

3. Relaxing my mind and body. I know you are probably thinking how does a cell phone help you with that?! Crazy, but true. I found a meditation app a few months ago and have been using it for 15 minutes every day. It guides me through relaxation exercises and helps clear my head.

4. Maintaining connections with family and friends. I love social media to stay in touch with friends and family. I scroll through my newsfeed every day and see what’s new in the lives of the people I care about. It’s allowed me to connect with people I haven’t spoken to in years.

5. Communicating with my kids. My 18 year old daughter doesn’t call me anymore – she texts. My cell phone helps me keep tabs on her. I’ll often receive texts from her to pick her up from her friend’s house or work. My youngest daughter just got an iPod and has started texting me. Sometimes, she’ll text me while she is still in the house!

6. Meal planning. I love Pinterest and my recipe apps to find inspiration for our weekly meal plans. I’ll often find a recipe online and not even bother to print it out. I’ll prop my cell phone up in the kitchen and follow the directions right from there.

7. Finding sales. I don’t even bother using paper flyers anymore to create my grocery list. I’ll browse the store’s flyers in my area on my cell phone and make my list of stuff I want to buy. I can also compare prices to find the best deal in my area. Saving money is always good!

8. Capturing everyday moments. My cell phone is full of photos I’ve snapped of funny things my kids have done or interesting things I’ve seen when I’m out. Yes, I have a ton of cat photos on my cell phone. My cats are always doing crazy things!

9. Providing entertainment. I have a huge music library and play music via Bluetooth on my stereo for background noise. Sometimes, I’ll even dance like no one is watching. I also enjoy watching videos (mostly of cats) and my favourite TV shows via my TV service provider’s app.

10. Helping me with my business. Since my work is 100% online, my cell phone helps me keep tabs on my blog. I respond to emails, take photos for blog posts and shoot all my food videos with my cell phone. It also helps me keep up with social media which is a huge part of my job!

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How do you use your cell phone in everyday life?

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Stacie Vaughan

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