Things to Know about an All-Inclusive Resort

Our family has enjoyed many all-inclusive vacations in many countries. From the Caribbean to Europe, there are many all-inclusive resorts to choose from and today we’re talking about things you need to know if you’re booking an all-inclusive vacation.

Things to Know about an All-Inclusive Resort - Read these travel tips from a seasoned traveller to help you choose the best option!

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What’s Included

Every resort has their own list of inclusions, but generally speaking, the room, food, drinks (alcoholic and non), activities (non-motorized) and evening entertainment are included in the base rate. If you book through a tour operator which is also an airline, you may find the flight is included as well.

Make sure you ask what is NOT included. Often this can include top-shelf alcohol, spa, golf, airport transportation, wifi and a la carte restaurants. Knowing before you go can save you money.

Why Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

With so many vacation options available to you, why would you choose an all-inclusive resort? Many people say it’s because they can nail down their budget before going. With other options, you may have to travel to different locations for activities, food etc and an all-inclusive has all of these things right on site.

Most all-inclusive resorts have a variety of different activities, food choices and such which is helpful if you’re travelling with a group. The children can enjoy kids club while the adults are lounging poolside or jumping waves in the ocean. All-inclusive resorts are all about having everything you can need on one property.

Top Things to Look for at an All Inclusive Resort

When you’re researching all-inclusive resorts, you’ll quickly realize that there are endless options to choose from. Of course, your choice will be based upon your own tastes, but this list gives an idea of what are popular thing people look for:

  • Proximity to the beach
  • Number of pools
  • Children’s activities or adults-only areas
  • Evening entertainment
  • Types of food
  • The outlying area – check on the security and ability to go explore

Do you have any tips to share about all-inclusive resort vacations?


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