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20 Brilliant IKEA Malm Series Hacks

On its own, the IKEA Malm products are pretty plain. I had one years ago, but never bothered to customize it. Honestly, I never even thought to do anything with it besides store my clothes. What I’ve discovered recently is that there are many brilliant hacks you can do with your IKEA Malm series items. Take a look at the links below and check out how these bloggers made their boring piece of furniture into something special.

20 Brilliant IKEA Malm Series Hacks - Turn a boring piece of furniture into something extraordinary with these tutorials!

  1. Upholstered Headboard from
  2. Campaign Style Dresser from
  3. Ikea Malm Makeover With Faux Marble Top from
  4. Overlay Dressers Finally Get Pulls from
  5. Ikea Hack from
  6. Ikea Hack: Malm Dresser from
  7. Ikea Malm Dresser Goes Glam from
  8. Ikea Hack from
  9. Ikea Malm End Table DIY from
  10. DIY Campaign Dresser from
  11. My Favorite DIY Hack from
  12. Ikea Malm Headboard Hack from
  13. Ikea Malm Dresser Update from
  14. Copper Triangle from
  15. DIY Upgrading Ikea Malm Dresser from
  16. Ikea Hack from
  17. DIY Ikea Malm Mid Century Modern Dresser from
  18. Dressy Dresser from
  19. DIY Ikea Hack Dresser And Prepping For Guests from
  20. Ikea Malm Dresser Hack from

Which IKEA Malm hack is your favourite?

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