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9 Subscription Boxes for That Time of the Month

There is a subscription box for everything, and periods are no exception! Here’s a list of subscription boxes specifically for that time of the month. Almost all of the boxes offer personalization so you could easily order one of them as a gift for your teen. Getting hygiene products shipped discreetly to our doorstep each month sounds like heaven!

9 Subscription Boxes for That Time of the Month - Proving that there really is a subscription box for everything! Get your pads, tampons & other goodies delivered.

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1. Bonjour Jolie: “Pamper your period!” Bonjour Jolie delivers a box of period pampering products to your doorstep each month. Some items include feminine products, as well as sweet (and salty!) treats. There are many options available for the treats, including kosher, sugar free, and organic.

2. Le Parcel: Le Parcel keeps it simple: tampons and chocolate, delivered monthly.

3. No More PMSing: Because PMSing deserves pampering! Choose between Moonlight and Mini Moonlight, and customize your box before it ships. You can get the box with or without hygiene products. Who wouldn’t want a box filled with chocolates, snacks, treats, teas, and more?

4. Period Club: The first rule of Period Club is… just kidding! The Period Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers your favourite pads and tampons straight to your doorstep. Plus, they include a sweet treat each time (hello, chocolate!).

5. My PMS Kit: This subscription box offers two options, the Light Flow Survival Kit and the Regular Flow Survival Kit. Each kit includes feminine hygiene tools, treats, and other items like makeup and lotions. My PMS Kit also provides encouraging messages to get you through the roughest week of the month!

6. Eco-Flo Kit: Monthly organic, eco-friendly period supplies … plus free shipping! Eco-Flo Kit ships a variety of organic and all-natural supplies. Besides tampons and pads, you’ll get organic tea bags, magnesium packets, organic dark chocolate, and a bonus gift.

7. Pampered Box: The “perfect discreet period box”, Pampered Box believes you should be able to relax during that lovely time of the month. Their boxes include chocolate, and your choice of hygiene products (including organic choices).

8. ElleBoxCo: Self-care items are delivered to your doorstep each month with the ElleBoxCo subscription. You’ll receive hand-curated comfort goods, self-care gifts, organic pads and tampons, and more. All products are sourced with ethics and wellness in mind.

9. Flo: Flo ensures you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your period. Each month, you’ll receive a box with your favourite brand of tampons, pads, or both. I love that subscription boxes like Flo give choices, because as you know, we don’t all use the same types or even same brands of feminine hygiene products. Flo even offers options like the Diva Cup. Each product includes chocolate, too!

Which one is your fave?

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