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25 Subscription Boxes Under $10 a Month

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Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving! In the past few years, they’ve been my go-to holiday gift for my friends and family. Each month, the recipient can look forward to different treasures inside. And who doesn’t love to get mail? As long as it’s not bills, right?

The good news is that they don’t have to cost a lot to get started. In fact, I’ve discovered many subscription boxes are under $10 a month. They are an inexpensive, thoughtful and unique gift. I bet whoever you are buying for won’t already have the subscription box you are looking for!

25 Subscription Boxes Under $10 a Month - Subscription boxes make a unique and thoughtful gift. The good news is that they aren't expensive.

Choose a theme that best fits the person. You can beauty boxes, food boxes, book boxes and lots more. Check out my list of 25 subscription boxes under $10 a month. Click the link to check each one out and then choose your favourite to purchase! For your convenience, I’ve added where they will ship. Most are worldwide. Bonus!

  1. Hair Tie Society – ships worldwide
  2. Pip & Lola’s Everything Homemade – ships worldwide
  3. Put This On – ships worldwide
  4. Colourful Socks – ships to USA & Canada
  5. Soap of the Month Club – ships worldwide
  6. LIPP – ships worldwide
  7. Jazzy June Bug – ships worldwide
  8. Little Buzz Book Club – ships to USA
  9. Bethany Beach Books – ships worldwide
  10. My First Reading Club – ships to USA
  11. Walt Life Addiction Subscription – ships worldwide
  12. Pipsticks – ships worldwide
  13. Urban Organic Gardener – ships to USA
  14. SpiceBreeze – ships to USA & Canada
  15. LOLJerky – ships worldwide
  16. Simple Loose Leaf Tea – ships worldwide
  17. Faithbox – ships worldwide
  18. Decked Out Dogs – ships worldwide
  19. We Quilt Kits – ships worldwide
  20. Dr Squatch Soap Co – ships worldwide
  21. My Sudsy Crate – ships worldwide
  22. RawSpiceBar – ships worldwide
  23. Love with Food – ships worldwide
  24. MunchPak – ships worldwide
  25. Lip Monthly – ships to USA, Canada, Australia, Spain and UK

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Do you see any subscription boxes on the list that you think would make a nice holiday gift?

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