Meet My New Favourite Cat Litter

Our three cats, Princess, Reggie and Misty, complete our family. I couldn’t imagine our home without their cute furry faces. Each cat has his and her own distinct personalities. Princess is the diva while her sister, Misty, is the shy, gentle one. Our boy, Reggie, is a force to be reckoned with. He’s the king of the castle and makes sure everyone, humans and cats included, know it.
Meet My New Favourite Cat Litter #LitterBoxLife #ArmAndHammerCat

I recently read a survey conducted by the makers of Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Lightweight Cat litter and found the findings both interesting and relatable. Did you know that most people would rather snuggle with their cat than be intimate with their partner? One of my favourite things to do is curl up on the couch with my cats. Reggie loves to keep my feet warm while Princess keeps her perch on the back of the couch watching me work, read or watch TV.

Meet My New Favourite Cat Litter #LitterBoxLife #ArmAndHammerCat

The study also found that cat owners consider themselves a “cat lady” and wear that title with pride. They treat their cats like people or even their children. I definitely think of myself as a “cat lady” and my cats are my fur babies. I only want the best for them.

I also found it interesting that cat owners considered the weight of cat litter a major issue and that they wish it was lighter. With three cats in our home, we go through a lot of litter. Keeping a fresh, clean smelling home is important to me so it’s something I need to stay on top of on a daily basis. Plus, my cats insist on having a clean litter box. It’s always a race to the litter boxes after it’s clean to see who can get in there and do their business first!

I 100% agree with the survey findings and do not like heavy cat litter. For starters, I have issue getting the box off the shelf at the store and will either have to ask for help or bring John with me to lift it into the cart. And getting it into the car and then the house? I just can’t do it. I dislike having to ask for help to take care of my cat’s needs. It’s a pain.

There’s good news though. I found my solution! The new Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Lightweight cat litter is exactly what I was looking for. Cat owners who share my pet peeve will rejoice once you try it. Pick up a box next time you’re out shopping. You’ll see that it’s so much lighter than a regular box of litter. In fact, it’s 50% lighter, but still contains the same amount of uses as the regular cat litter. The lower-density micro-particles make it less heavy.

Meet My New Favourite Cat Litter #LitterBoxLife #ArmAndHammerCat

I can buy a few boxes at a time and not have to worry about how I’m going to get them into the car or house. It’s like they created this product just for me. When John went away this summer, I had to get my dad to come over to bring the cat litter into the house. I’m glad that I won’t have to ask for help again.

Meet My New Favourite Cat Litter #LitterBoxLife #ArmAndHammerCat

If you’re thinking that lighter litter is a good thing, but still wondering if it does a good job of controlling smell and mess, let me fill you. It works on that front too. My cats are cute, but stinky. I need a litter that works because I definitely do not want that unpleasant bathroom smell to overtake my home.

Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Lightweight cat litter is 100% dust free. You won’t have clouds of dust when you are changing or cleaning the litter. The floor around the litter box stays cleaner. This is a big plus for me because I don’t want the cats tracking litter particles all over the house. Princess likes to dig in the litter for fun (don’t ask) so it’s nice that she doesn’t create dust clouds.

Meet My New Favourite Cat Litter #LitterBoxLife #ArmAndHammerCat

It has a 7-day odour control guarantee so you can count on it controlling the smell. My cats use the litter boxes multiple times a day and you can’t even tell I have cats. The moisture-activated micro-granules seal in the odours and the heavy-duty odour eliminators plus Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda destroy the sealed-in odours on contact. What that means for me and you is a fresher smelling home.

Like I mentioned, I have to clean the litter daily or my cats get upset. I like that this litter leaves solid clumps so it’s easy to scoop and clean. No one wants to spend too much time digging through crumbly clumps of litter.

I’m happy with my experience and the cats are content too. Things are running smooth on the litter front in my home and I’ve got it under control. If you have cats and share some of the same litter woes as me, I hope you’ll give Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Lightweight cat litter a try and see for yourself. It’s become my go-to litter and maybe it will be yours too! Look for the 4.08kg and 6.8kg boxes at your local retailers including Walmart and Canadian Tire. Note that the 4.08kg has the same uses as 8.16kg of product while the 6.8kg has the same uses as 13.6kg of product. Bonus!

What are your litter box pet peeves?

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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