20 Creative DIY Christmas Stockings

Christmas day isn’t complete without our tradition of opening to see what’s inside our stocking! I wrap the gifts inside and the kids love to see what trinkets await inside. Our stockings are pretty plain, but I’m inspired to make my own creative DIY Christmas Stocking after checking out what others had done with theirs. I’ve rounded up 20 of my favourite DIY Christmas Stockings to share with you today. The hard part will be deciding on which to make! They all look so nice.

20 Creative DIY Christmas Stockings - Create something beautiful with these easy DIY tutorials!

Creative DIY Christmas Stockings

  1. Kid’s Stocking Craft from
  2. Christmas In July: DIY Stocking Holder from
  3. Upcycled DIY Christmas Stocking from
  4. DIY Drop Cloth Stockings Tutorial from
  5. Create Jolly And Magical DIY Christmas Stockings That Will Enchant Your Christmas from
  6. Mini Christmas Stockings Pattern at Hands Occupied from
  7. DIY Christmas Stocking ª Lovely Indeed from
  8. 2013 Christmas Printables from
  9. Free Printable Christmas Stocking from
  10. How To Make Quilted Christmas Stockings Without Quilting from
  11. African Flower Crochet Stocking: Free Tutorial from
  12. Crochet Christmas Stocking Coin Purse Pattern from
  13. DIY: No-Sew Christmas Stockings from
  14. Vintage Tablecloth Christmas Stockings from
  15. DIY Stockings from
  16. DIY {no Sew} Stenciled Stockings from
  17. From Sweater To Christmas Stocking In 12 Easy Steps from
  18. DIY Wood Christmas Stocking Tags And The 2014 Thistlewood Stocking Collection from
  19. Christmas Home Tour 2014 from
  20. Handmade Holiday: Our Anthro Inspired Sweater Stockings from

Which DIY Christmas stocking is your favourite from this list?

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