6 Ways to Create Family Memories This Holiday Season

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Some of my most precious childhood memories took place during the holiday season. I think back to those special moments and smile. I hope that my two daughters will look back at their holiday memories one day the same way as me. Then I’ll know I did my job as a mom right.

What is a memorable moment? It can mean a lot of different things for different people. For me, it’s a moment frozen in time that holds a special place in your heart. It may be special because of an activity, a person who you connected with or even something as simple as a feeling inside. When you remember that particular time, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and are grateful for the experience.

6 Ways to Create Family Memories This Holiday Season - Make the most of this special season with these fun activities.

Today, I’m sharing different ways to create family memories this holiday season. All these ideas come from personal experience of how our family likes to spend time together during the holidays.

1. Host a Family Movie Night. This special activity has been around for many generations and for good reason. It’s affordable, fun and a wonderful way to spend quality time relaxing with your loved ones. Grab a few snacks, blankets and pillows and set everyone up in your family room. I recommend choosing a movie that will appeal to multiple generations. Disney Pete’s Dragon is an excellent choice. It’s heartwarming adventure of a boy named Pete and his best friend, Elliot, a dragon. I think it will quickly become a holiday favourite because it’s the type of movie you can watch again and again. Those are the best kinds of movies, in my opinion!

2. Go on an Outdoor Adventure. Fresh air feels so good and it helps the kids fall asleep easier at night. Take a short hike through the forest with or without your snowshoes and absorb the crisp, clean beauty of Mother Nature. The kids can play and pretend that they are Pete looking for their own dragon friend, Elliott. Moms and dads can join on the fun too. Let those imaginations soar!

3. Visit an Older Generation. I have fond memories of my dad taking my sisters and I to visit his grandmother. She used to serve us tea and homemade cookies and tell us stories of her own happy memories. It’s a wonderful way for kids to learn about their heritage.

6 Ways to Create Family Memories This Holiday Season - Make the most of this special season with these fun activities.

4. Make a Craft. Try some hands-on fun with an easy craft. Set up a craft station in the kitchen with paper, scissors, glue, crayons and other craft supplies. One fun idea is for kids to draw a picture of their favourite movie character. If you’ve recently watched Pete’s Dragon, your kids might like to recreate either Pete or Elliott. I think drawing a dragon would be pretty neat! They could also draw Pete and Elliott together and capture their heartwarming friendship on paper.

5. Go Sledding. We live close to a huge hill and the girls love to go there to spend a few thrilling hours sledding. I love watching how much fun they are having and seeing the happiness in their eyes as they race up the hill afterwards. That’s what happy memories are made of right there.

6 Ways to Create Family Memories This Holiday Season - Make the most of this special season with these fun activities.

6. Host a Game Night. Grab your family’s favourite board games, set up a few tables and invite your friends and family over for an evening of excitement. This is a tried-and-true family tradition that dates back to when my mom was a little girl. She carried on the tradition with me and I’m passing it along to my girls.

These are only just a sampling of ideas to get you started on creating your own memorable holiday moments with your family. I hope they spark some ideas inside you to make this holiday season with your family and friends the best yet!

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What are some of your favourite ways to create family memories during the holidays?

Stacie Vaughan

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