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Recycling My Way Through a Zombie Apocalypse

At my home in the Ottawa Valley, the yellow bin is for our containers – plastic and glass beverage containers, and food and beverage cartons. It’s usually full to the brim by the time the day for pickup rolls around. With two kids (plus their friends), three cats, John and I, we consume a lot during the course of two weeks. I look at my neighbours’ bins sometimes and see that they never have  theirs as full as ours and wonder why. Is it that we just use a lot more or maybe it’s the fact that they aren’t sure what can be recycled?

I’ll probably never know because I’m not about to go knock on their door and ask them. However, what I can do is share important information from the Carton Council of Canada telling you, my readers and friends, about carton recycling at home.

Recycling My Way Through a Zombie Apocalypse

Test your knowledge of carton recycling by taking this quick zombie themed quiz developed by the Carton Council of Canada. It’s fun for Halloween, fast and you’ll learn something too. I passed with flying colours and didn’t get eaten by any zombies. Plus, I learned a few tidbits of info about carton recycling and some of the products they make with my old cartons. It’s pretty interesting stuff!  Go take it now – I’ll wait.

How did you do? More importantly, what did you learn? Do you feel more comfortable now with carton recycling? I hope so. I also hope that you’ll join me in recycling all your cartons if you hadn’t been already.

A survey recently commissioned by the Carton Council of Canada to Ontario and Quebec residents showed that almost 75% of people believe that recycling is important and people should try to make it a priority. 62% of the people who said that they don’t regularly recycle cartons indicated they would be more likely to recycle more if it was easier to identify what is or isn’t recyclable while 39% said they would be more motivated to recycle if they had a better understand of the benefits of carton recycling.

Recycling My Way Through a Zombie Apocalypse

How much do you know about cartons? I think of the juice cartons in my fridge that my family drinks like there’s no tomorrow. Cartons are made of paperboard and thin layers of plastic. If you thought they were wax coated, you’d be wrong! They aren’t.

Cartons typically contain juice, milk, soup, broth or wine. If the product can be stored a longer period of time, the carton may also have a thin layer of aluminum. These cartons are ALL recyclable. Do not throw them in the garbage. Put them into your recycling bin because they can be used to create many different products.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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