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Feeling Inspired to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

Watching the Olympics has been a family tradition since I was a young girl. I remember sitting with my family in our basement rec room and tuning into watch the Opening Ceremony. We’d all shout and cheer when we saw Team Canada. That same tradition continues on today with my own two daughters. We went to my cousin’s house to watch the Opening Ceremony for an impromptu family gathering. It was like time stood still as we all rallied on Team Canada and shared our excitement for the games to come.

Though there are many positive messages that come out of the Olympics, I think one of the most important ones to me and my daughters is watching the female athletes from Canada and all the other countries following their dreams and doing something they love. They are the epitome of what it’s like to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl. Watch this video where Team Canada’s Stephanie Labbe shares how she Keeps Playing #LikeAGirl.

Always, a global leader in feminine care, spreads the important message that playing sports is a big part of building and maintaining confidence. We’ve all heard people say that “girls shouldn’t play that sport” or “why bother watching a game with girls?”. With negativity like this around us, it doesn’t surprise me that 51% of girls have quit sports by age 17. I’m living proof of that statistic. I used to play baseball as a young girl and then stopped. I never felt good enough or like my contribution mattered.

Feeling Inspired to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

I’m determined that will not happen with my girls. My daughter, Bridget, participates in many sports including hockey and horseback riding. She has improved so much in both sports and they are activities she looks forward to. She’s been waiting all summer to go to horseback riding camp and cannot contain her excitement for it to start.

Feeling Inspired to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

I’m also doing something I haven’t done in a very long time: playing baseball. My skills are rusty, but I don’t think you’re ever too old to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl. I think the Olympics have inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and just have fun. I think the most important thing is to just do it and don’t worry about anything else.

Feeling Inspired to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

My cousin and I had a blast playing a fun game of catch. I’m a little sore from working new muscles, but it feels great to get outside and do something I enjoy. Plus, it sets a good example for my girls!

Feeling Inspired to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

The latest Always Confidence Survey found that 7 out of 10 girls felt they did not belong in sports, especially during puberty. The reasons they quit are many like they feel they don’t belong or they don’t have a female athlete role model. I think actively watching the major sporting events can help change that. We’ll be continuing to watch the Olympic Games as a family and I’ll make an effort to turn on the women’s events. I think it’s important to see these skilled female athletes showing girls that anything is possible and to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl. It’s inspiring to watch!

I encourage you to watch the Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing video and to take the pledge that you’ll Keep Playing #LikeAGirl and encouraging your daughters and other young girls to do the same. Shoot a video or tweet with the hashtag #LikeAGirl and let’s all do our part to keeping girl’s confidence up and inspiring them to continue with sports if it’s something they love.

Disclosure: I created this blog post as a paid ambassador for Always and Tampax. All opinions and advice are my own and I fully disclose that I have been given free product, samples, coupons, money and other forms of consideration.  

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