8 Family Travel Safety Tips

Summer break is the time for fun with the family and that often includes a trip. It’s important to take safety into consideration and ensure that you plan ahead so the trip runs without a hitch. Follow these eight family travel safety tips to protect your family and everyone can enjoy a worry-free trip!

8 Family Travel Safety Tips - Before you head out on your family vacation this summer, read through these travel safety tips. Get prepared and be ready for anything! 

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Family Travel Safety Tips

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1. Prepare a trip itinerary. Make sure every family member has a copy and leave one behind with a loved one or trusted friend. Include your hotel information as well as cell phone numbers for everyone on the trip. Children on the trip should have a copy of this information in their bags as well.

2. Secure your home before you leave. Ask a friend or family member to come by to check the mail, water plants, or take care of your animals. Lock all windows and doors. Set the home alarm before you leave, and only trust your closest family or friends with the code and a house key. If possible, leave a car in the driveway during your trip so it doesn’t look like the home is empty.

3. Leave valuables at home. Traveling with your most expensive or precious jewelry and other possessions is usually not a good idea. Place these things in a fireproof safe before you leave. Limit the collection of jewelry you take to only a few less expensive pieces that you could replace if lost or stolen.

4. Keep your most important items on you. Important documents, your ID, and cash should be in your purse or bag that you keep with you at all times. Avoid placing these items in a suitcase, especially if you are flying. You never know when you may need these items and they are safer on your body than in the luggage somewhere. Plus, the airline could lose your luggage – that’s happened to me!

5. Keep a first aid kit on hand. Accidents are bound to happen with kids. Having the essential supplies, like bandages, ointment, gauze, and alcohol wipes, with you will make scrapes, bumps and bruises easier to deal with. Keep a first aid kit in the car, as well as a few items in your purse.

6. Make sure the car is ready for a road trip. If you are driving to your destination, get your vehicle serviced before you leave. Check the tire pressure and ensure all fluid levels are accurate. Have your oil changed and other routine maintenance up to date. Clean out the inside of the car so there is room for everyone and their belongings. Bring a few extra empty plastic bags to use as garbage bags. Then periodically throw them away when you stop for gas.

7. Teach your children about proper airplane safety. Flying can be easier when traveling with family, but make sure your kids know the importance of acting appropriately in the airport. It is a busy place, and children need to stay with their parents at all times. Tag their luggage if they will be pulling or carrying it. Hold your small child’s hand at all times to prevent them from getting lost.

8. Childproof the hotel room. Move any glass or other fragile decorations out of the reach of your baby or toddler. Bring a stash of outlet covers or move the furniture so your little one’s fingers won’t be caught in an outlet. Teach your child not to answer the door on his own.

I’m a firm believer that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take these few extra steps and know you are ready for whatever surprises come your way. It doesn’t take long to do the extra planning and you’ll be grateful you prepared ahead should any issues arise.

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Do you have any family travel safety tips to add to this list?

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