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57 Programs to Join on Shareasale

I know there’s lots of affiliate programs out there. I’ve pretty much tried them all. My favourite is definitely Shareasale! I find their site the easiest to navigate and it seems to be the one that I do the best with.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

I also like the incentives some of the programs give you to post. Many will give you anywhere from $5 to $20 to do a short post and then you also earn if anyone buys. I have a post from 2 years ago that is still earning me money. That’s the great thing about affiliate income. It’s passive income and posts can be picked up in searches and earn you money years down the road.

57 Programs to Join on Shareasale - Make money blogging by joining these affiliate programs!

Affiliate income isn’t making me rich by any means, but it does provide me with a nice source of passive income. I started really focusing on trying to increase my affiliate earnings in the latter part of 2012. You can see from this revenue report how it has picked up and I even had a month where I made over $1000 with Shareasale. I wish all the months were like that!

57 Programs to Join on Shareasale - Make money blogging by joining these affiliate programs!

I’ve had people ask me what programs to join on Shareasale. They have SO many and it can be overwhelming to start. These are the ones that I’m a part of and many of them have these little incentives to post like I mentioned above.

  1. StudioPress by Copyblogger Media: 35% per sale
  2. Layla Grayce & Zinc Door: 7% per sale
  3. 15% per sale
  4. KAZ USA: 8% per sale
  5. Waxing Poetic: 15% per sale
  6. WP Engine: $150 per sale
  7. Ubooly: 25% per sale
  8. Tiny Prints: 7 – 10% per sale
  9. One Kings Lane
  10. ModCloth: 7% per sale
  11. Cents of Style: 10% per sale
  12. ShoeDazzle: $20 per sale; $1 per lead
  13. Stella & Dot: 10% per sale
  14. Blurb: 15% per sale
  15. Flirty Aprons: 15% per sale
  16. Gift Baskets Overseas: 10% per sale
  17. Craftsy: 30% per sale
  18. M&D Media: 10% per sale
  19. Business 2 Blogger: 30% per sale
  20. A Gift Personalized: 20% per sale
  21. 15% per sale
  22. Sweepstakes Advantage: $0.55 per lead
  23. Sun Sweeps: $0.25 per lead
  24. Flattenme: 15% per sale
  25. Tea Collection: 8% per sale
  26. Snapily: 15% per sale
  27. Heartsmith: 11% per sale
  28. Destinations in Florida Travel: $2 per lead
  29. Kiwi Crate: 8% per sale; $18 per lead
  30. FancyLadies: 12% per sale
  31. Little Passports: $15 PER SALE commission rate on all monthly payment and 12 month plans. $8 PER SALE commission rate on all 3 month and 6 month plans
  32. Andrea’s Beau: 10% per sale
  33. Kidorable: 10% per sale
  34. 20% per sale
  35. EcoNuts: 10% per sale
  36. ECOlunchbox: 10% per sale
  37. Diet-to-Go: $40 per sale
  38. My App Builder: $10 to $800 depending on the sale
  39. Vital Industries: 10% per sale
  40. Frecklebox: 10% per sale
  41. 15% per sale
  42. KAZ USA: 8% per sale
  43. Tiny Prints: 10% per sale
  44. M&D Media: 10% per sale
  45. zulily: 10% per sale
  46. Karina Dresses: 10% commission
  47. Viewbix: 35 to 40% commissions
  48. CanvasPop: 11% commission
  49. My Memory Dolls: 10% commission
  50. Reebok: 10% commission
  51. CustomInk: 7% per sale & 5% per sale on licensed products
  52. Booster:  $1 per Booster campaign created & $25 per closed & successful Booster campaign
  53. BuySeasons: 13% commission
  54. Ziba Accessories: 10% commission
  55. Love Bright Jewelry: 10% commission
  56. Cricut: 12% commission
  57. FMTC

Which Shareasale programs are your favourite?

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