50 Must-Watch TV Shows on Netflix Canada

John and I jumped on the Netflix bandwagon back in 2010. We didn’t bother installing cable in our home in Nova Scotia because of the costs. I’m not even sure how John found out about Netflix, but he asked what I thought about getting it for something to watch on TV. I said sure. The price was cheap and I was missing watching my favourite TV shows. We’ve been customers ever since.

I was googling to find recommendations for shows to watch on Netflix, but most of the posts I came across were American. As most Canadian Netflix subscribers know there is a VAST difference in the selection between the two countries. Many of the shows I wanted to watch were not available here. Boo! I thought I can’t be the only one looking for new TV shows to watch so I decided to write a post with my personal recommendations and ones from my friends and family. I’ve got quite the list here – 50 TV shows ready for you to dive in and binge watch! All of them are on Netflix Canada as of this current date.

50 Must-Watch TV Shows on Netflix Canada - Get ready to binge on these 50 must-watch TV shows on Netflix Canada! These shows are my personal favourites and recommendations from friends and family.

Number 1 to 16 are my picks and the rest are crowdsourced from my personal Facebook profile. They aren’t in any particular order except the very first one. The Fall is a MUST-WATCH. It’s my favourite.

  1. The Fall
  2. The 100
  3. The Vampire Diaries
  4. Jericho
  5. Heroes
  6. The Walking Dead
  7. Dexter
  8. Hemlock Grove
  9. Homeland
  10. American Odyssey
  11. Prison Break
  12. Orange is the new Black
  13. Making a Murderer
  14. Crossing Lines
  15. Grey’s Anatomy
  16. Lie to Me
  17. House of Cards
  18. Wentworth
  19. Scandal
  20. The Good Wife
  21. Downton Abbey
  22. The Gilmore Girls
  23. The Mindy Project
  24. Grace and Frankie
  25. Friday Night Lights
  26. Weeds
  27. Friends
  28. Supernatural
  29. Marco Polo
  30. Bloodline
  31. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  32. Call the Midwife
  33. Bates Motel
  34. Mad Men
  35. Pretty Little Liars
  36. Bones
  37. Breaking Bad
  38. Narcos
  39. F is for Family
  40. Daredevil
  41. The Last Kingdom
  42. Hell on Wheels
  43. Nashville
  44. House
  45. Jessica Jones
  46. Murdoch Mysteries
  47. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  48. Suits
  49. How to Get Away with Murder
  50.  Love

This is post is not sponsored or paid for by anyone (I’d tell you if it was anyways!). It’s just me filling a need for recommendations of good TV for Canadians.

I’m always looking for new shows to watch. What are your Netflix recommendations?

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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