5 Mom Hacks To Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen

“Aw mom, do we really have to wear sunscreen?”

Sound familiar? Both my girls protested wearing sunscreen. They wanted to hit the beach and I was just slowing them down. It’s a bit easier now that they are older. Olivia is turning 18 in July and applies it without any coaxing from me. Bridget, age 11, still needs reminders though it has gotten easier with her!

I’ve partnered with Banana Boat over the next month as a Banana Boat ambassador. I’ll be sharing some mom hacks to help you get your kids to wear sunscreen. These are tips that have worked with my own two daughters and hopefully will help you as well with your children. In addition, I’ll be featuring some new Banana Boat SunComfort sunscreen products that are must-haves this summer.

5 Mom Hacks To Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen - Simple tips to get the job done quick and painlessly!

Sunscreen Mom Hacks

1. Make it a routine. It’s no secret that kids thrive on routine. We do it with brushing teeth and bath time so it makes sense to develop a routine for applying sunscreen any time your child will be spending the day outdoors. If you stick to it, kids will learn to expect that they can’t go outside until they are wearing sunscreen.

2. Let your older children apply sunscreen themselves. My oldest daughter doesn’t need my help anymore and keeps a bottle of sunscreen in her room to apply as needed. Bridget, the younger one, applies it mostly on her own, but I always apply on her back for obvious reasons. She’s been doing it on her own, under my watch, for the past several years and has said she “doesn’t need my help”. Kids like to be independent and this was one easy way to give them some responsibility.

3. Make up a fun name for sunscreen. “Hey kids, time to apply sunscreen” doesn’t sound as exciting as “Hey kids time to put on our superpower sun shell”. Or something like that. Get your kids to come up with ideas – the quirkier the better!

4. Distract them. When all else fails, find a distraction. I used to sit my kids in front of their favourite TV show and get to work while they were focused on something else. It saved me from quite a few meltdowns. Olivia’s favourite show was the Teletubbies and she would be entranced by these strange characters. It made it easy for me to quickly apply sunscreen on her and get out the door.

5. Use a paintbrush. Pick up an inexpensive paint brush at the hardware store and use it solely for applying your kids’ sunscreen. It makes the experience more fun than simply rubbing it in and still gets the job done. Kids think it’s neat to be able to paint themselves and it turns the experience into something to look forward to versus a chore.

5 Mom Hacks To Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen - Simple tips to get the job done quick and painlessly!

As for the sunscreen to use, I recommend the Banana Boat SunComfort line. Not only does it offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, but it also helps to prevent sand from sticking to your skin. This means you can stick your feet in the sand as you relax and not have to worry about bringing sand home with you in the car. It simply brushes off thanks to its unique lightweight formula.

Another plus is that this line also moisturizes and relieves dryness caused by the sun, chlorine and salt water. I like how it makes my skin feel soft and smooth.

If you or your kids will be in the water, note that the Banana Boat SunComfort line is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. I recommend bringing it with you in your bag whenever you are heading outside.

Look for the Banana Boat SunComfort Lotion in SPF 30 (SRP $10.49) and SPF 50+ (SRP $11.49). For the times you are on the go, pick up the travel size lotion in SPF 50+ (SRP $6.99) and continuous spray in SPF 50+ (SRP 3.49). They are small enough to easily fit into your purse so you never leave home unprepared!

Do you have any mom hacks that helped you get your kids to wear sunscreen?

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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