10 Great Reasons to Try the METRIN Skincare System

I was recently introduced to the METRIN skincare system and what I thought was a brand new line of products. As it turns the products were new to me, but this skincare company has been around for over 80 years. I’d just never heard of them because they are new to the online space. I’m here today to introduce you to them as well and share some great reasons why you should consider giving their skincare system a try for whatever kind of issues you are currently facing!

I’ve been lamenting for years about my incredibly oily skin. It’s so bad that even my eyelids feel greasy! Sure, it’s fabulous for anti-aging, but I’m sick and tired of my face being slick and shiny. I started using the METRIN skincare system last week and feel confident it will make a difference!

10 Great Reasons to Try the METRIN Skincare System

Metrin Skincare System

So why should you switch to the METRIN skincare system? Check out these 10 reasons below.

1. They get it. METRIN isn’t some huge, impersonal corporation that doesn’t care about your experience. They are a small organization who understand what it’s like to try tons of expensive products that don’t deliver results. Their focus is to make your experience with their products a positive one.

2. Try it worry-free. Because METRIN sympathizes with your previous experience trying out new skincare products, they offer their customers an unconditional 6-month promise. This means that if the products don’t work for you within 180 days, you get your money back. It doesn’t matter if you used the entire bottle. It’s that easy. No questions asked. I love their confidence!

3. Clients are #1. Their focus is on their clients and providing them excellent value and service. They even have some clients who have been with them since the 1950s and a few even before that! Now that is brand loyalty. Check out the rave reviews.

4. They follow up to see how you are doing. After you’ve purchased the products, expect a follow up from METRIN to see how you are doing. They like to check-in with all their clients to make sure things are going well and try to rectify any issues. For example, they had a client in Alberta whom they advised to leave the #3 Conditioner on a bit longer than normal in order to combat the insanely cold winter. The person saw an improvement in the glow of their skin despite the frigid -30C temps!

5. They’ve been using the same trusted formula for over 80 years. Why? Because it works. It can be used for all ages from when you first start using skincare products in your tween/teen years right up until your older years. You can use the METRIN skincare system your whole life, if you choose!

6. One system for all issues. What is great about the METRIN skincare system is that it can help your skin whatever the issue may be. Oily skin? Check. Dry skin? Check. Wrinkles? Check. Redness? Check. You get the idea. The products work together to enhance your skin’s natural performance and bring it back to balance. Their approach isn’t on treating the symptoms, but improving your skin as a whole.

7. Two systems: His and Hers. Both systems are designed to be used twice a day no matter what your skin goals are. They are scientifically formulated and designed to give you healthy, clear and youthful skin through cleansing, nourishing and protecting. The METRIN Skincare System for Her (ARV $152 CAD) consists of the Deep Cleanser, Lathering Cleanser, Vita Conditioner, Protective Lotion, and Enriched Vita Conditioner and are available in three sizes: Full Size, Travel Size, and Mini Size. Alternatively, the METRIN Skincare System for Him (ARV $136 CAD) contains Alpha Omega Cleanser, Lathering Cleanser, Protective Lotion, and Vita Conditioner. It is only available in the full size.

10 Great Reasons to Try the METRIN Skincare System

9. They are formulated WITHOUT several important things. METRIN products are never tested on animals. They are also gluten free, fragrance free and dye free.

10. Earn METRIN rewards on all your purchases. Save them up for a discount on future purchases. Earn rewards on purchases, your birthday and for referring friends to try the products. Your rewards will never expire.

10 Great Reasons to Try the METRIN Skincare System

To learn more, visit METRIN and read about their fabulous line up and place an order. They offer free shipping if you buy a complete skincare system.

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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