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7 Ways to Successfully Negotiate at a Garage Sale

Do you love snagging a great deal? If so, you no doubt enjoy garage sale season! I sure do. A garage sale is an excellent place to get a great deal and make the most of your money, but how can you be sure you get the best deal possible? If negotiating is new to you take note. I’m sharing seven ways to successfully negotiate at a garage sale. Keep those negotiation tips in your back pocket so you can get the best bang for your buck. Here is what you need to know!

7 Ways to Successfully Negotiate at a Garage Sale - Do you love the rush of a good deal? Check out these helpful tips and get the most bang for your buck!

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1. Don’t bring only large bills. When you are asking for a deal or making an offer, it is best to have the exact change on hand. No one is going to want to accept your $10 offer while you are holding out a $20 bill. Let’s say you are making an offer for a lamp for $5. Have the $5 bill in your hand and hold it out. It is a great way to entice the seller with quick and easy cash.

2. Get a bulk discount. If you are browsing books, music, movies, toys, or clothing and have a good sized pile you want to buy, ask for a bulk discount. Often times, the seller will cut you a discount if you buy more of their stuff. Have an idea of what you would want to pay in case they ask.

3. Gently point out flaws. This tip has the potential to work great, but you need to do it gently. You don’t want to insult the seller by pointing out what is wrong with the piece. For example, if the lamp you want will need a new shade or a dresser will need a coat of paint or new knobs, gently ask if they give you a discount since you will be making these fixes and repairs to the piece.

4. Go later in the day. The early bird may get the worm, but the late comer gets the better price! Yes, you may miss out on getting first dibs on the items for sale, but the items there will often be marked down and the seller usually is more willing to negotiate.

5. Be reasonable. Offering 50% of the ticket price is not reasonable and can insult the seller. Instead, offer a price that is 10%-20% less than the ticket price. For example you might offer $8 for a $10 item. This is more realistic and you are more likely to get a yes. You will also open the seller’s mind to negotiation with a reasonable offer., An unreasonable one may shut them down before you even get started.

6. Ask for the best price. If you aren’t comfortable making an offer, you can always ask the seller for their best price. In this scenario you simply ask, “What is your best price on this?” or you can ask, “Is the price on this firm?” These examples are a great way to start the conversation and test the waters.

7. Give compliments. You are more likely to catch a bee with honey, right? When you see an item you love, tell the seller! Give compliments on the item and even the seller’s taste. Then ask what the best price is on the item. A little kindness goes a long way!

Now you’re all set to navigate the deals in your neighbourhood! Keep these seven tips in mind and see how fun and easy it is to score a great price!

Do you have any other tips to share?

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