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An Egg-cellent Surprise from Cadbury #CadburyOreoEgg

I had two fun surprises yesterday. The first one came in mid-afternoon when a box was left on my porch. Inside was Cadbury Oreo Eggs! It was great timing because I’d used up the ones I purchased a few weeks ago in a couple recipes, Easter Egg Brownies and Easter Egg Stuffed Crescent Rolls.

An Egg-cellent Surprise from Cadbury #CadburyOreoEgg

The second surprise was on a card in the box: a link for me to check out. When I clicked, I was taken to YouTube and a video that Cadbury Oreo Eggs made just for me. It is so cute! Check it out.

A quick heads up that you can only buy Cadbury Oreo Eggs until Easter. Go grab a bunch next time you’re out shopping! They are yummy!

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