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Ready for Winter with Softlips

The cold does a number to my skin during the winter months. My hands crack and bleed, my normally oily facial skin gets dry, flaky patches, but I think my lips take the worst of it. They become dry, cracked and rough. It’s definitely not the look I’m going for! Plus, it’s uncomfortable and sometimes painful when it gets really bad. I’m all set this year thanks to Softlips LUXE and CUBE.

Ready for Winter with Softlips

You may already be familiar with Softlips. I have a few of their skinny lip care products. I’ve also had a chance to try their newest releases: Softlips LUXE and Softlips CUBE. They boast 5-in-1 lip care with their Lip Perfecting Technology to offer you multiple benefits.

Using these products, your lips will be:

  • Hydrated – nourished by butters and coconut oil
  • Replenished – antioxidant vitamins A, C and E soothe and repair damage
  • Smoothed – emollients smooth rough, chapped lips with a light-weight, non-greasy formula
  • Protected – a moisture barrier protects from dryness
  • Shined – a radiant finish

Ready for Winter with Softlips

I keep a Softlips LUXE in my purse so I can easily apply it when I’m out and about. The packaging is similar to a lipstick. I use it by itself, but you can also apply it as a base to your lipstick. It comes in two flavours: Silky Shea and Creamy Coconut. I’m partial to the tropical scents so Creamy Coconut is perfect for me.

Ready for Winter with Softlips

My daughters love the Softlips CUBE and its cool shape. Olivia took the Peach Mango flavour while Bridget has the Fresh Mint.

Our lips are ready for the harsh winter weather. Bring it on.

Look for Softlips LUXE and CUBE exclusively at Walmart for a SRP of $4.67. How do you protect your lips during the winter?

Disclosure: I was not compensated this post. I received a sample to try out. Opinions expressed are my own.

Stacie Vaughan

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