Secrets Revealed in Okinawa

Name a place in the world that has all of these four things: a rich and interesting history, gorgeous beaches, mouthwatering food and friendly locals living an authentic life. If you said Okinawa, then you are 100% right! Okinawa is a group of sub-tropical islands south of Japan that fulfills all of these criteria. I’ve never been, but after learning more about this special place, it’s now been added to my bucket list of places I must go.


Okinawa Tourism invited six people from all over the world (USA, Singapore, France, Thailand, China and Germany) to experience Okinawa first hand. Each person has a secret that they are keeping from their loved ones. You’ll need to watch the next six episodes to find out what this secret is. I’ll admit, I’m curious! Are you?

The first video, Mara’s Secret | Okinawa: The Secret is Out features Mara from Berlin who has been keeping a secret from her boyfriend their entire relationship. She’s also pregnant with their first child. Mara and her boyfriend visit the tropical islands of Okinawa where she will tell him the truth about the night they met.

Watch Mara’s video to learn the secret and check out this magical island.

Two locations are showcased in Mara’s video: Yanburu and Kouri Ocean Tower.

Yanburu is a semitropical old growth forest filled that extends almost to the coastline while the thick evergreen broadleaf forest is home to a unique tropical ecosystem. Rare birds like the Yanbaru kuina (Okinawan Rail) and the Noguchi-gera (Okinawan woodpecker) live in the forest as protected species. Tourists can participate in eco-tours that include fun outdoor activites like canoeing at Gesashi Bay, forest trekking and sea kayaking to the Hiji and Makiya Falls.


Kouri Ocean Tower is the place to go for the best view of the island for your photos. Kouri Island is known as Okinawa’s Garden of Eden with an Adam and Eve-like legend. It’s also called the Island of Love with its breathtaking landscapes and an ocean that changes colour from cobalt blue to emerald green.


Then there is also Lucy’s video, Lucy’s Secret | Okinawa: The Secret is Out. Lucy is from Shanghai, China and she also has a secret. Three years ago, Lucy found a secret message on her husband’s phone that changed her life forever. Watch as she confronts him with her secret on the magical islands of Okinawa.

A variety of locations are featured in Lucy’s video including Kariyushi Beach, Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa, Shuri Castle, Churaumi Aquarium and the Tropical Dream Center.

Kariyushi Beach is a private beach located in the Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Ocean Spa resort. Thanks to its clear shallow water, the beach provides safe swimming and is popular among families with young kids.


Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa is a 330,000 square metre resort hotel overlooking the East China Sea. It offers both ocean and mountain view rooms with many facilities including a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts. Guests can also participate in eco-tours and marine sports during the day and relax in the aloe open-air bath or sauna at night. Sounds heavenly!


Shuri Castle is protected on UNESCO’s World Heritage list as a treasure of significant cultural or natural importance to the world. It was opened to the public in 1992.


Churaumi Aquarium is home to some of the world’s largest fish, whale sharks and manta rays. Visitors can experience each of the three zones: the Sea of Corals, the Kuroshio (the Japan Current) zone and the Deep-sea World zone.


Tropical Dream Center boasts 14 themed zones with rare tropical plants, orchids, water birds, fish from the Amazon and more natural beauty set against a captivating architectural design.


After watching these two videos and checking out these tourist spots, would you like to visit Okinawa?

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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