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My Holiday Hero

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No matter how old your children are, you will always be their mom. I’m 37 years old and my mom is still always there for me when I need her. She’s never stopped caring for me and my sisters, we have always been her number one priority. I know I’ll be the same way with my own two daughters when they reach adulthood. Being a mom is a lifelong labour of love.

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We’ve lived all over Canada because of my husband’s job with the Canadian Armed Forces. It was difficult to be so far away from family and often times, I was only able to get back to visit once a year if I was lucky. The distance only strengthened the bond between my mom and I. We talked on the phone daily and she would be the first person I’d call with any kind of news, good or bad.

When I got sick over the Christmas holidays in 2005, my mom was the first person I called. She gave me advice on what I should do to make myself feel better. It’s hard to care for yourself when you are a mom. You always put everyone ahead of your own needs.

My mom told me to sleep when the kids slept and to leave the housework. Back then; I had two young children and a husband who was often deployed for his job. My girls needed me, especially over the holidays, and I wasn’t able to get the rest I needed to get better quickly.

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I was already behind on my Christmas preparations. Thank goodness most of my shopping was done, but I hadn’t had the energy to wrap everything. Planning a holiday dinner wasn’t even on my mind.

My mom and I kept in touch on the phone and when she saw I was struggling physically, mentally and even emotionally, she decided to hop on a plane and fly across the country so she could help. I didn’t need to ask her to come. She knew with her own mother’s intuition that I needed her.

I was beyond grateful for her help. Not only did she nurse me back to health by taking care of the kids so I could rest and making me homemade chicken soup, she also cleaned my entire house! She made sure all my gifts were wrapped and even made us a turkey dinner. If she wasn’t there to help, I’m not sure what I would have done. Christmas would have been a very different, bleak experience. Instead, it was a happy time in my life even with my illness. I look back at that Christmas and smile. It reminds me that my mom is always looking out for me.

My mom ended up extending her trip to three weeks. By the time she left to go back home, I was feeling much better and could take over where she left off. I’ll never forget her kindness and compassion. My mom has been and will always be my hero.

Thank you Mom for everything.

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Do you have a special story of a time your mom helped you out when you were sick? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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