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30 Days to a Clean & Organized Kitchen

Are you ready for a clean and organized kitchen? I am! Though I could spend an entire day cleaning and organizing my kitchen, I’ve decided to break this enormous job into small, manageable tasks. My kitchen is disorganized right now and I’ve been meaning to set aside the time to tackle it. I procrastinate though and it never seemed to get done. With the new year upon us, I’m finally going to get the job done. I hope you’ll join me in this fun cleaning challenge: 30 days to a clean and organized kitchen!

30 Days to a Clean & Organized Kitchen - Get your kitchen in shape for the new year with this fun cleaning challenge.


I made a handy printable that can be placed on your fridge or household bulletin board. Every day, you’ll have a different cleaning and/or organizing task to complete. I tried to cover the areas that I need to do in my kitchen and hopefully it will cover the same ones you need to tackle as well.

Here’s a rundown of the tasks each day. If you don’t want to do it in this order, you can change it up. I would cross off the day once you are done so you can track your progress.

Day 1: Clean out and organize your junk drawer.

Day 2: Organize your pantry.

Day 3: Clean and organize your fridge.

Day 4: Clean the outside of your fridge and freezer.

Day 5: Organize and clean your freezer.

Day 6: Clean your stove.

Day 7: Clean your oven.

Day 8: Organize your pots and pans.

Day 9: Organize your baking sheets and pans.

Day 10: Organize your casserole dishes.

30 Days to a Clean & Organized Kitchen - Get your kitchen in shape for the new year with this fun cleaning challenge.

Day 11: Clean and organize small appliances. Put into storage or give away any ones you don’t use (or need).

Day 12: Clean your toaster.

Day 13: Clean your coffee maker according to the directions in its manual. If you don’t have the manual, google the make and model of the coffee maker to see if its online.

Day 14: Clean your microwave without scrubbing and chemicals.

Day 15: Clean and organize under your kitchen sink.

Day 16: Clean and organize your cutlery drawer.

Day 17: Clean and organize your kitchen utensils.

Day 18: Organize your dish cloths and dish towels.

Day 19: Organize your glasses and cups.

Day 20: Organize your plates and bowls.

Day 21: Organize your paper, aluminum wraps and kitchen baggies.

Day 22: Clean your kitchen sink.

Day 23: Clean your dishwasher.

Day 24: Clean your slow cooker.

Day 25: Clean and organize your counter top. Get rid of any clutter that doesn’t belong.

Day 26: Clean your kitchen garbage bin.

Day 27: Clean your kitchen compost bin.

Day 28: Clean your kitchen vents and windows.

Day 29: Clean your kitchen light fixtures.

Day 30: Clean your kitchen walls and floors.

Feel free to leave comments with your progress and how it’s going for you! I’d love to know what you’ve done so far.

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Cheers to a clean and organized kitchen in 2016! Who’s with me?

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